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War Is A Grim Business: Part Four

Title: War Is A Grim Business: Part Four
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Now I bring you 'whumpage'.
Disclaimer: Still not mine.
A/N:I know I'm gonna regret this later cos I'm not very good with the 'action' verbiage and 'tense' of scenes and generally lacking in the 'action/adventure' genre not only in fic but also in life. So, like William Goldman said: 'Everything I write is impulse. This feels right, that sounds wrong...' Hence, the double beta by alianne & buggy_542. And I made my font size larger cos I was getting tired of squinting at my page.

Linkage to the 'already done' parts:
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Part Four

She would have liked to keep track of how long she was in one particular location or where they were taking her. Due to the fact that she was either sedated or knocked out it was a monumental feat. Day after day there was one test or another Michael decided to subject her too. He started with basic blood test, eventually moving on to organ samples and unpleasant food experiments. Elizabeth stopped eating her meals.

The more outrageous his experimentation got the more it confirmed that he was a chief scientist amongst his people. Michael had injected her left eye with a serum that attempted to combine Wraith and human sight. She got conjunctivitis. Tinkering with his own gene therapy he moved on to fracturing different bones in her body and increasing her healing rate. He gloated that he could take her to the precipice of death and wrench her back at will.

She wanted to know what would happen if she decided to keel over one day. That’d put a monkey wrench in his Mengele ways. But she couldn’t think that way for long. Not if she wanted to survive. She had to fight herself between Michael’s examinations and Kolya’s interrogations. If she left enough proof of life, John would find her. She had to hold on to that.

Usually following a day of recovery was an interrogation by Kolya. Elizabeth had undergone prisoner of war training during her UN tenure. Examination by the enemy was expected to be brutal and degrading. She needed to meditate on happier times, of happier places, moments and people. The overwhelming excitement of Atlantis rising, the experiences of an Athosian harvest celebration.

She held on to that as her head was plunged into ice cold water and her lungs began to burn with lack of oxygen. All that yoga was good for something, she thought wryly. She was pulled out by the scruff of her neck and gasped for air immediately.

“How does the stardrive in Atlantis operate?”

“Is that what this is about?”

He nodded and she was under once more.

She thought about how freeing it was to glide across a crystalline surface as a child on skates. It was the closest to flying she could get. Then her mind turned to flying, soaring above the surface of the water on a trip to the mainland then a sudden break, up through the atmosphere of Lantia. Then the utter stillness of watching the planet below her now thought of as home. The moment brought back images of faces that had accompanied her through the last four years. Rodney, Teyla, Radek, John. Of those who were no longer there, Peter, Markham, Aiden. Carson.

Her head emerged from the cold for a second time as she spit out some of the water she had swallowed.

“I do not wish to submit you to this form of interrogation Doctor Weir, but you give me no choice. Tell me, how the stardrive in Atlantis operates.”

“You just kinda put the keys in the ignition and yell ‘start’.”

So maybe she pissed him off a little too much that time because he was suddenly very close to her face spitting mad.

“It would benefit you greatly if you dropped this act of defiance and complied with my requests, Elizabeth.”

“You will address me as Doctor Weir, Commander Kolya.”

“You should not speak so boldly, Doctor Weir. Your behaviour is most astounding and something I would have expected from John Sheppard, surely not from someone as eloquent as you.”

“I’m full of surprises,” Elizabeth sardonically smiled up at Kolya.

The commander didn’t take kindly to that either. Apparently it wasn’t beneath him to get his hands dirty a bit. Or in this case, wet, as he forced her head back into the tub of cold water. She had a harder time holding her breath this round. Elizabeth wasn’t one to wish anyone dead, but she was ready to make an exception this time. If --no, when -- she got out of this she wouldn’t mind a little retribution.

She faded into the black.

~ * ~ * ~

“I need her alive,” Michael shouted.

“She is alive,” Kolya argued.

“Yes, but just barely. No more interrogations. We need to move as soon as she recovers.”

“Are your integrations not binding to her genetic structure?”

“They are, very slowly. If you had not put her body under such stress the rate of success would have been faster. You must suspend your tactics of extracting information. I do not think physical strain is the key to her demise.”

“What do you have in mind?”

“A hallucinogen.”

“A hallucinogen does not get me what I want, Michael.”

“You will get it. Our time to strike is approaching. Patience is one thing your species has never learned. It would serve you well to take up a new skill, Acastas. Soon we will have Sheppard and then we can begin.”

Part Five

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