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2 queries and a statement with an addendum

Is it bad if the expiration on my mustard jar is '09 July 2006' and I'm still eating out of it?

And what's with the purpley pinkish funkyness of LJ?

Also, and the reason for this post is: I have relatives coming over for about a week or forever two and therefore I won't be online as much. CRAP! I've spent the last few days in the 'Spring Cleaning' Mode and doods, it's like FEBRUARY! Don't they know I have a fic that needs to be finished?!?!?! I hate being related to people... but we haven't seen each other in forever so I guess my life must be put on hold for the real one.

Ou, hey, did you guyses know they're rerunning Voyager on SpikeTV. DOODS I forgot how much I LOVED that show. OMG! *flail* And talk about SHIP! Geez, angsty much Chakotay/Janeway? And Tuvok! And Ensign whateverhisnamewasB'ElannausedtocallyouStarFleet Garrett Wang! And B'Elanna & TOM!!! And KES! KES! You guys remember Kes?!?!?!?

Aaaanyway, laters flist... *sniff* *huggles*
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