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War Is A Grim Business: Part Three

Title: War Is A Grim Business: Part Three
Rating: PG (may go higher)
Summary: This is the GO!TEAM portion of the Find!Lizzie!Fic!
Disclaimer: Not mine.
A/N: It's number three m'lord! Number three in the Weir!whump fic. Beta'd by alianne & buggy_542

The 'already done' parts:
Part One
Part Two

Part Three

Rodney was very annoyed.

“What is it with you and underground hatches?”

Ronon threw a slightly confused look at Rodney.

“This is the same way we found the Genii, aimlessly wandering, guided by our fearless leader’s keen sense of direction.”

“I thought you were supposed to be fantastic?” Ronon asked Sheppard.

“Alright, fine. We may be lost but it’s an abandoned planet and we’re required to check out any suspicious circumstances. I say a big unearthed hatch leading to possible power sources qualifies.”

“Colonel Sheppard is right,” Teyla agreed. “We have orders from Colonel Carter to gain as much tactical knowledge from existing as well as former settlements.”

“Sure, take his side,” Rodney mumbled.

“Also,” she continued. “We may find something of more importance.”

The group sobered at that reasoning. It had been nearly seven months since Elizabeth’s disappearance and two since she was declared dead. No one believed the official status of their former leader. In fact, ever since they were on an unofficial, sort of self-assigned mission, to recover Doctor Weir dead or alive.

John was the one keeping everyone’s hopes up that it would be the latter.

His attempts to talk Elizabeth out of the trade had failed. Even Teyla’s pleas to allow herself to be traded for her own people had fallen on deaf ears.

What had happened to Michael, Elizabeth had said, was her sole responsibility now that Carson wasn’t there any longer to pay for their sins. John had tried to tell her it was their fault, as a collective. He was as responsible for it as she was, if not more. He had been the one to capture the Wraith in the first place. On her order, she had countered.

“Besides,” her voice rang in his ear. “You’ll find me.”

She’s not dead.

“Okay, then,” Rodney broke his train of thought.

At Sheppard’s lack of order, Ronon volunteered to go first.

Their exploration was over in twenty minutes.

“Nothing except medical equipment,” Sheppard poked at a foreign instrument. “What do you guys think, hospital? Emergency ward?”

“No, I don’t think so. There doesn’t seem to be any connection to anywhere else in this schematic,” Rodney was pouring over his data pad.



“Someone’s been doing cell research.”

“What kind of cells? Like fuel cells?”


“John!” Teyla yelled from a corridor.

“We don’t know what it is but it’s small,” Ronon stood from his crouching position. “And it looks like a word.”

John stooped to take a closer look.

It was Cyrillic in nature.

“It’s Russian!” His heart almost stopped.

“C’mon, c’mon, give me something,” he kept muttering to himself urgently. John stood and started searching the room frantically with his eyes and hands.

Ronon and Teyla eyed him as if he were a man possessed.

“Look around,” he ordered harshly. “Look carefully. Look for anything else like that, all the walls, doors, anything!”

“John, what are you talking about?”

“It’s Elizabeth! She was here! Keep looking!”

Then without further explanation, he took off.

“Where’s Sheppard going? And why are you two crawling around on the floor?”

Neither answered McKay as they both continued John’s frantic search with vigor.

“Here,” Teyla beamed up at Rodney. “John thinks Elizabeth made this marking.”

Following Teyla’s pointing finger Rodney squinted to see clearer what she was showing him.

“It just looks like some... Oh,” panic began to fill his features. “Oh no no no no no no no. This is not good.”

McKay left for the room with the machines.

“They have to stop doing that,” Ronon complained.

Teyla, ever the rational one, asked Rodney to explain himself.

“Okay. This,” he pointed to a screen. “Is DNA and cell cultures from the Iratus bug. And this,” he pointed to another screen. “Is a human readout of the same thing. It’s female, according to the data. This,” he pointed to yet another screen. “Is the splicing of the two.”

“What does that mean?” Ronon inquired.

“I-I don’t know what it means, not yet anyway. But it looks like Michael’s handy slice and dice breeding program.”

Teyla’s eyes widened.

“Do you think...”

“I hope not. I need med techs here to analyse this data.”

Sheppard’s voice over the radio cackled with an immediacy his team had not heard in weeks.

“Teyla, did you find anything else?”

“We have,” she responded. “But Rodney says a team of med technicians will be required to decipher more clearly what it is he has discovered.”

“Is it bad?” Worry laced his tone of voice.

“I don’t know John,” Rodney rarely used Sheppard’s first name. “There’s some genetic data and jumbled technology. I might need more help than usual.”

“I already dialed home. They should be here in half an hour.”

John had remembered through his adrenaline to call for a med team also.

~ * ~ * ~

The hike back to his teams’ location was set at a brisk pace.

John didn’t need to urge this group to keep up. A lot of the original personnel handpicked by Elizabeth had stayed on or requested a transfer back to Atlantis when word of her disappearance had spread. To his surprise Colonel Carter didn’t deny any request from a returning expedition member. From what he had heard she and Elizabeth weren’t exactly best friends, so he was grateful for her generous re-admittance policy.

Quick as their arrival, everyone went to task without having to be told. Their fervor to find their leader was palpable from the first word that they had picked up her trail. Evidence of her survival fueled the search for more clues and data sorting.

“Radek,” John called. “I need you to take a look at this.”

Zelenka was shown the writing on the wall.

“Tell me what it says,” John half requested half ordered.

“Uh, give me a moment. My Russian is out of practice.”

Radek glared at the lettering willing his mind to recall the language.

“K-L-O,” he was sounding the word out. “K-Y-L, no.”

As he grunted in frustration he pushed his glasses back up the bridge of his nose.

John was getting impatient.


“Wait. K. K-O-L. Kol. N-Y-A. Kolnya? Kolnya! It says Kolnya!”

A twinge of fury shot through John’s spine.

“Kolya. Dammit! Shit. Shit shit shit shit.”

The Colonel was swiftly on his feet and slammed his hand into the nearest object. The wall however did not oblige to his rage and all he got for it was bloodied knuckles.

They had been able to piece together that Michael and Kolya were allies in this. John didn’t want to imagine what they were doing to Elizabeth or using her for. Not yet anyway. He’d use it later when he was face to face with Kolya and would finally kill him. Really kill him this time.

John’s only consolation was that he knew Kolya would use her as a bargaining chip and at all costs keep her alive to do so. The man’s hunger for power would have to outweigh Michael’s need for revenge in order for such an alliance to take place. He had to believe it.

“Besides,” her voice rang in his ear. “You’ll find me.”

Part Four

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