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War Is A Grim Business: Part Two

Title: War Is A Grim Business: Part Two
Rating: PG... still, it may get darker.
Summary: What my feeble lil brain supposes is the reason for Sam Carter’s appearance in the Pegasus Galaxy. Yes, I know that doesn’t sound like Sparky fic but I was trying for subtle.
Disclaimer: I thought Elizabeth's 'sacrifice' was UBER crappy in the finale (don't worry this is TOTALLY AU, no spoilers here folks) and my muse agreed. She decided to return with a vengence not before seen from her wandering the great beyond to go: 'PWND!BIATCHEZ! THIS is the true meaning of SACRIFICE!' to TheMoronsThatBe/TheIdiotsInCharge/*insert own slanderous euphemism HERE*... That being said, the characters, settings and 'la dee dahs' are all owned by *insert own non-slanderous noun HERE*.
A/N: Thank yous to alianne and buggy_542 for the beta jobs. Apparently I'm a sucker when ppl ask for a sequel cos I caved. Damn my attention-seeking-whore of a muse.

The 'already done' parts:
Part One

Part Two

“I was delighted to see your sacrifice.”

She shook her head to see clearer as he stepped into the light.

“Humans are such fascinating creatures,” Michael’s warped smile turned on her. “Throughout my lifetime I have witnessed your species cower and flee. Occasionally there have been those who surrender their lives for others, either a father for his son or a mother for her child. Never before have I witnessed such humility, one for many.”

“Back on Earth there’s a story of this guy named Jesus,” she started.

A snigger came from the dark beyond the figure facing her.

“It seems Colonel Sheppard’s sense of humour has significantly taken root in your own, Doctor Weir.”

She must’ve been hit in the head too hard. Stalking forward sinisterly from the dark was Kolya. Now her day was complete, two of Atlantis' most formidable enemies working in collusion. Elizabeth recalled how John would warn her of his knack for getting into trouble and how it would affect the entire expedition. She had never pictured herself facing that trouble alone.

“What do you want Kolya?”

“My goal has not changed since the day we met, Doctor. I still want Atlantis and I still need the Wraith dead. Michael, as you call him, and I have come to an accord. I help him find those responsible for his ostracism and he, as a brilliant scientist, finds a way to make me compatible with the genes necessary for me to operate the city of the ancestors. Our retribution upon you comes as a benefit we could not have perceived in our stages of planning. I was hoping Colonel Sheppard would have traded himself in for the Athosians but you will do just as fine. Imagine my surprise when my colleague reported your exchange,” he patted Michael on the shoulder with a sense of pride.

If Elizabeth hadn’t been trained to listen by trade she would have tired of their tag team dialogue by now.

“Your presence does complicate a few of our goals, Doctor Weir,” Michael took over the discourse.

She started to fall away from the rest of what he was saying.

“What are you doing?” she asked, attempting to keep the panic from her voice.

He began administering something into her vein. Elizabeth fought a sudden urge to sleep.

“We should move once she’s down,” Michael addressed Kolya.

“Agreed,” Kolya consented.

They weren’t paying attention to her anymore. Kolya ordered his men to start packing up.

“No! Stop...” Her mind swirled. She felt this before...

~ * ~ * ~

She didn’t know how long she had been out when she awoke to a cold dank cell. She wasn’t even sure if her current location was still the same from the last time she’d been conscious.

What was it she remembered? Michael...

...and Kolya. She had to get word to Atlantis. How? She had no means of familiar communication... or technology for that matter. Maybe she was underground. It was cool and quiet enough to suppose so. There was nothing with her in the room. No windows, no sounds of engines.

One door.

She crawled over to it and started checking for hinges or weak points. There was a slot at the bottom. If she could open it, maybe reach for a handle... Her arms were long enough. Then what? No doubt there would be a guard posted there. She could take him... or not. Her ability was dependant on the species of the guard. She hadn’t seen anyone other than Michael or Kolya. But if there was one thing she knew about pompous-self-absorbed-revenge-seeking warlords, it was that they always traveled with minions.

Think, she yelled internally.

The slot at the bottom of her door opened. A plate of food was unceremoniously plopped down and shoved through by a hand which was no doubt attached to a Wraith.

Well, that answered one of her scenarios. No breaking out that way. She’d have to wait for opportunity. During the interim she saw no reason to refuse a meal. Elizabeth brought the plate closer for inspection. There didn’t seem to be anything deadly in it, as far as she could tell. She’d just woken from a bout with foreign substances but the groan from her stomach was all she needed to make up her mind.

When she finished her stale dinner, lunch, whatever kind of meal that was supposed to be, she licked her spoon clean and an idea flashed in her head.

Elizabeth crawled to the wall harbouring her door and crouched down in front of it.

Part Three

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