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War Is A Grim Business: Part One

Title: War Is A Grim Business
Rating: PG, cos there's a swear word. 0_o Sorry, kids.
Summary: What my feeble lil brain supposes is the reason for Sam Carter’s appearance in the Pegasus Galaxy. Yes, I know that doesn’t sound like Sparky fic but I was trying for subtle.
Disclaimer: All these people, places and things belongs to those guyses overs there. And I'm not claiming to know the ins and outs of Samantha Carter cos I don't watch SG-1 religiously (Janet was my favourite) so if she's outta character, sorry. You can holler and snark at me for it.
A/N:This is what happens when someone threatens the sanity of my fandom. And I suppose this fills in the 'W' of my self-inflicted Sparky!ABC!fic challenge, which I now officially declare dead a month or so late. Aaaaanyway...

War Is A Grim Business

“Oh come on! You know this is bullshit!”

He got into Woolsey’s personal space knowing the man wouldn’t strike at him. His display of insubordination to any other would definitely have gotten him time in the brig. This was an exception.

“Sheppard,” she commanded. “Step back.”

With his insolent rage still burning he found it hard to obey.

“I’m sorry,” said Woolsey with more than enough sympathy. “This was beyond my power. Trust me when I say if it were up to me, we wouldn’t stop until she was found. I’m sorry.”

He repeated the apology though he knew it would do no good.

“Sheppard,” he was being commanded again. But this time she laid a hand on his shoulder. That got his attention.

“Just because its official, doesn’t mean it’s true.”

Minor surprise registered after his ire met a look of deep empathy.

“That’s why I need you to do this,” she concluded.

When Samantha Carter showed up to take over command he fought tooth and nail to keep Elizabeth’s chair for her only. Every assurance of Colonel Carter’s temporary occupation fell as empty platitudes. Her presence was an unwanted invasion felt by all.

Now that they were declaring Elizabeth Weir officially dead, he was being called upon to deliver the unpleasant news to the expedition and worse, her mother.

“We don’t leave our people behind,” John gritted through his teeth.

“And we’re not going to start now,” she replied kindly. “We’ll have to go through the motions for a while, but that doesn’t stop us from poking around a bit.”

John looked to Woolsey for confirmation but the man pretended to be occupied with reports. That was enough affirmation for John from the IOA representative.

Carter gestured towards the balcony. John took the lead.

Leaning on the rail for support he let go a frustrated sigh.

“She’s not dead,” he said with absolute conviction.

Sam understood the fidelity of a soldier to his commander but something else was behind John Sheppard’s belief. She wanted to tread lightly on the subject, but there was really no delicate way to ask.

“I know it’s none of my business but, are you and Elizabeth...”

The snap of John’s head made her stop mid-sentence. She held her hands up in defence.

“I’m being unofficial here, John. If anything I could write the ultimate dissertation of ‘One Hundred and One Reasons Getting Involved With Your Superior Officer Is A Bad Idea’. Well, except in your case it wouldn’t technically be breaking any regs. It’d just ‘reflect poorly’.”

His quiet laughter signaled she had backpedaled out of that one successfully.

“No, uh, Elizabeth and I never...” a funny sort of realisation came across his face. “She asked me to come here. She read my record. She knew what a risk I was... and she still asked me to come with her.”

In this moment of confidence Sam started to get a clear grasp of what an anomaly John Sheppard was. The look on his face suggested he didn’t think much of himself, which, for a stick jockey, was exceptional.

“Nobody’s ever had that kind of faith in me.”

There was nothing to say to that. He didn’t need banal comfort from another 'we’ll find her'. So in absence of words she placed a hand on his shoulder again and left him to his turmoil.

Part Two

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