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Drabble Fic: Examination

Title: Examination
Rating: PG
Summary: Elizabeth’s POV. Oh, and if you’ve seen Tori Amos’ video Pretty Good Year, that was the inspiration for this.
Disclaimer: Neither the characters depicted in this blip nor the inspirations for it belong to me. :(
A/N: Wow, these are ADDICTING to write. And so much fun. Hee.


The usual lines in his face were that of inquisition or worry. Occasionally they were drawn in anguish.

In the breaking dawn she found his countenance peaceful. Waking to serenity was a luxury, so she made the most of it while the chance lasted. She was aware that watching someone sleep had connotations of being a stalker. She didn’t care.

He was beautiful this way.

Her finger tips ghosted his hairline, around his ear and descended his jaw.

He stirred a little.

She placed kisses on his eyelids, nose and lips.

She shouldn’t wake him but he wouldn’t mind this.
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