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First Sparky Fic Ever: Say Anything

Title: Say Anything: A Page Out of the Lloyd Dobler Book of Life
Rating: PG-13, for skin.
Summary: For each other.
Disclaimer: Don’t own it, don’t make any money off of it and it TOTALLY homages Cameron Crowe. If you haven’t seen Say Anything GO NOW and rent, buy or OnDemand it for ‘tis one of THE greatest films of ALL TIME. I wrote this at 2:30am doped up on three cups of coffee. Oh, and I ain’t got no money but am SO in love with the Sparky that I’d be willing to give you all my mints in exchange for a day in Atlantis.
A/N: So, uh once upon a time way back in January of this year I was motivated to write a fic about John/Elizbeth. This was after my SUPER one-day Season 1 marathon way back in December of '05. Yes, I'm a slowcoach. This has been on and Command Dynamics for quiet some time now, but only recently has it gotten beta'd by buggy_542.

It's not a part of the doomed ABC-ficathon but it is VERY green seeing as how it was a first attempt. Two-dimensionality may follow and I apologise. Though it's not a requirement, familiarity with Say Anything will help you grasp the concept of what I thought I was going for. Sorry if it causes toothaches.

Snark at will. I like it. :D

Say Anything: A Page Out of the Lloyd Dobler Book of Life

“You’re shaking,” she matter of factly stated. It surprised him at how calmly she spoke those words to him as she lay across his chest listening to his heart.

“Yeah,” he sighed, somewhat embarrassed. He took a deep breath in order to quell his reaction.

Smirking she asked, “Should I be flattered or concerned?”

“Yes,” he let out with a breath. He couldn’t comprehend her ability to strike conversation so soon.

His response puzzled her, making her reposition herself to look him in the eye. Not wanting to badger him, she simply raised her trademark eyebrow of questioning. He chuckled a little at her expression.

“It’s my Lloyd Dobler moment.”

The shaking had subsided somewhat.

“Lloyd Dobler?”

“Yeah, Lloyd Dobler. Say Anything. 1989. John Cusack, Ione Skye.” Yeah, it was a most definitive moment for him.

She began to feel the blush she was fighting overcome her. Smiling, she replied, “Yeah, I know it.” She paused. “Really?”

“Really what?”

“This is that scene in the car for you?”

“I’m shaking aren’t I?”

“Yes,” she kissed him and smiled against his lips. “I used to have a crush on John Cusack.”

“Me too,” he joked.

She giggled. He always could make her laugh, even when she didn’t want to. She wondered what this meant. He caught the contemplation running across her face. Sometimes, not often, but sometimes, he had no idea what she was thinking.

“You okay?”

“Hmm,” her brow furrowed. “You know he left his entire life to love her.”

“Yeah, what guy wouldn’t? She was kind, nice eyes, cute laugh.”

After moments of silence she spoke, “I don’t want you to give up your life for me. It’s too selfish. I couldn’t ask you to do that.” She looked regretful all of a sudden. That was unsettling.

“Hey,” he lifted her face delicately. Trying to reassure her, he smiled a little. “You already did remember.”

“I know,” she sighed. “I know. It’s just, sometimes... I know I’m not supposed to need you as much as I do.”

“If you need me as much as I need you, than I need you twice as much as your half.”

She chuckled nervously.

He continued. “I would go to the center of hell for you whether you asked me to or not.”


“Elizabeth,” he interjected. “I have and I will, if it meant living a life with you.” John waited for the gravity of that statement to pull on her. He continued, “Lloyd Dobler didn’t leave his life for Diane Court. He found his life in her. She gave him satisfaction, peace of mind. His basis of existence was to love her.”

She understood as he gazed into her eyes purposefully.

“So this is your Lloyd Dobler moment?”

“No, this is my John Sheppard moment.” He sealed it in one of those mind-shattering kisses he gave so well.

Elizabeth could not help but give in to him as he took her deeper into his arms. She was safe. She was loved. As long as he would live for her, she would for him.


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