Sunny (sunny_serenity) wrote,

oceans endless; a beca/chloe mix

...and here’s the second more angsty take on these two cos pp3 left me wholly unsatisfied and disappointed for so many reasons. they focused on the plot making everything loveable about these dumb movies fall to the wayside... i was also in some kinda way and had feelings. sad feelings. with a tinge of hope. oops.



the less i know the better / nataly dawn & sarah clanton
just a little / bantu
cherry hill / russ
golden / kara marni
wait for me / little brutes
hooked / joy
say something / kurt hugo schneider & kina grannis
need it / half moon run
drive / oh wonder
leap year / maria taylor
cranes in the sky / solange
i know places / lykke li
fire under water / girl blue
waiting for you / the aces

Tags: beca x chloe, cinematic ventures, everything is musical, music: fanmix, pitch perfect, ships ahoy!, why was i given feelings

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