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age of ultron was okay? i guess?

i've seen it twice and i tried to break this into likes/dislikes but that was counterintuitive to my rambly stream-of-conscious thinky-mulled-over responses to this movie... so

spader as ultron was a delight. he's very nihilistic and hilariously wrong. i am amused by villains who are just so wrong in all their wrongness that they are completely blind and lacking awareness. his self realisation was lacking, which, is weird cos ROBOTS WITH FEELINGS has largely been an objective approach and this was very very subjective in presentation and POV. so he's all finger pointy and self-righteous verrrrry much like early mcu!tony combined with the tendrils of absolutism and controlling present mcu!tony. he's supposed to be the baser side of his creator(s) cos he obviously has a lot of resentment and anger like bruce. he is their love child. their snarky buffy villain levels of humour love child.

the teamy goodness was very prevalent in both the fighting (COMBO MOVES FTW) and downtime scenes. me gusta. yay team timebomb! however, why are we still hitting that superhero a VERSUS superhero b? it's like they have learned NOTHING from their last movies. WHEDON'D.

natasha. serious talk here: i cried legit fucking tears when she was talking about being sterile and having that choice taken away from her. there are SO MANY women out there who i know personally that would make great mothers and raise excellent teacup humans to be even greater adult sized humans and i just couldn't handle the feels. first it was sadness and then a mighty rage and then MORE SADNESS. also, she was not damseled too badly in this but i'm preeeeety sure she could've picked that old rusted dusted ancienty european lock. i can see how she needed to be sidelined cos of johannson's pregnancy though. also, wouldn't she speak korean whilst speed demoning through the streets of seoul seeing as how she was clearly communicating with doctor ho and her crew about clint's condition in the beginning? WHEDON'D.

and nat being the hulk whisperer? i found that too funny to be romantic (or whatever it is that whedon was going for... humanness? connection? humanity? zen? calmness? idk...) in juxtaposition to nat forcing bruce to become the hulk at the end. nope. NOOOOOOOOOOOPEITY NOPE NOPE NOPE NO. it is extremely not cool and kind of the OPPOSITE of what i would be looking for in this character and ship ESPECIALLY if they're supposed to have this level of intimate understanding. why would she violate his trust like that?! everything we have seen and know from natasha since iron man 2 is that she may be freaking ruthlessly violent and has no problem accessing that in order to get shit done, but she is never far from empathetic and kind. so that felt really OOC to me because i LOVE that as characters bruce and nat connect in a shared emotion of we're broken monsters that need a soft place to land because people have fucked with us royally. like, SERIOUSLY?! if you're going to do a disservice to characters and their relationships then just leave the fucking 'romance' out of it cos you did a SHIT JOB. the characters and their fans deserve better. i know dozens of people who could write a better romance between nat and bruce WITHOUT all your violation tactics and have them connect on a level of respect with hope, faith and love. however, i am happy for my nat/bruce people cos now they have all things to make vids with! YAY! and if people are saying she was reduced to a 'love interest' or 'romantic fodder' in this movie, I WILL FIGHT YOU. if anything, it ADDED to her character because she is yearning for something else outside of fighting and killing and spying. she knows there are pieces of herself that she is missing and frightened of and she wants to conquer them and not be scared of herself anymore, scared that she's only good for one thing. she is capable of so much more and she recognises her need to try and find that for herself. and hey, if it so happens to be that she wants to explore that with someone else at her side, thEN ALL THE EMPOWERMENT AND AGENCY TO HER.

clint is a little more difficult. him being a put together responsible human being that has actual adult lifeing skills felt really weird. i don't know how this sits with me. i mean, this is a tough one cos from the cumulative three movies he's been in, we've gleaned NOTHING of what he's really like in the MCU aside from being defined by nat. i enjoyed that subversion of the damsel trope and clint sort of continues the trend with his mother henning of the twins and the team, respectively. but his comic and fandom characterisation is so strong. he's really competent in his job and his skills but everything else in his life is such a royal fucking mess, that it's a bit weird to try and even see this incarnation of him in an AU light because this presentation is supposed to be canon to this universe, so that and his 'secret family' is just one of those things i'm sorta indifferent about right now. on a different note: i never expected nat/clint to be a CANON thing anywhere cos that's just the nature of their relationship in EVERY universe, alternate or otherwise. i think that's what makes them so fun to play with. they will always be connected and matter immensely in each other's lives. so it was nice that nat and clint are SUCH bros in this. and nat with his family was adorable. i'm actually surprised whedon didn't kill clint... killing the happy is way more whedon style than killing pietro. NOT!WHEDON'D!

the maximoffs. MAH BABIES I WAS SO SCARED FOR YOU but all the subtleties of their interactions were wonderfully captured by olson and johnson. they have really great chemistry. EXPLOIT THAT. they really did their homework the same way jaimie alexander does with sif. SO LITTLE SCREEN TIME BUT SO MUCH OF THEIR WORK GOES INTO IT. i appreciate that. those tiny little detailed tells are what i was looking forward to and they delivered greatly. factoring in the whole volunteering for von strucker's programme of their background instead of capture and coercion, it was good to see they were not victims. this was far more compelling. yes, ultron exploited them, but they exercised their agency throughout the entire movie. so when that catalyst made them switch sides, it was that much more believable. and yes, i'm still really pissed off at this missed opportunity to have jewish and roma people be presented to a larger audience in a light that is not often presented. seeing them as heroes on the big screen with their ethnicities in tact would have pleased me immensely and it pains me so that their heritage was lost to the whitewashing of these casting choices. REPRESENTATION IS IMPORTANT.

wanda. okay, so, still not thrilled about the telekinesis feature they've slapped on her but in lieu of mutants and jean grey we got this. also, that 'she's weird' comment? 😤 there are some kudos to be given with how they explain her 'can alter realities' hex powers. they were never really great at nailing down exactly what her mutant powers consisted of in the comics so having her manipulate everyone's minds is a nice solid thing. i still wanna see her destroy worlds by speaking just two words though... i thought that wanda's interactions and moments with both steve and clint were good nods to their comic counterparts. but, can we get some wanda and carol and jess and nat and maria and melinda and just MORE LADY FRIENDSHIPS IN GENERAL in the MCU. stop saving all your diversity for the TV MCU. bring it to the damn big screen. REPRESENTATION IS IMPORTANT.

so. pietro dies??? SERIOUSLY???? you have a god that heals, science that repairs internal injuries and dermal abrasions along with two brainiac dudes who created not one, but TWO lives, and pietro maximoff DIES??? still kinda confused about this but, here's my theory: pietro will probably be manipulated in the future movies by thanos or something. i can see him replacing mephisto in the infinity gauntlet story line. so mayhaps death has a hold of him??? or thanos does and will use him to set wanda off in the infinity wars??? bring on the whacky cosmic crack that is marvel! logically i know this is probably some dumb business deal thingy in trade for spider man and the xmen fox universe version of quicksilver (and we know johnson has a six movie contract) but WE DIDN'T EVEN HAVE TIME TO CARE ABOUT HIM TO GIVE A SHIT THAT HE DIED. the whole time post-'death' i just went: oh thor probably healed him offscreen with his thory healing asgardian god powers cos, HE DOES THAT! but then there's just, like, one moment of grief and vengeance that wanda has and then BOOM NEW AVENGERS TEAM ROLL CALL! BUT YOU ROBBED US OF STEVE ACTUALLY SAYING 'AVENGERS ASSEMBLE'. WHEDON'D

thor. poor sunshine prince was regulated once again to the yuckity yuck don rickles department of acting. bah-dump-ch. he's so OOC in the team movies sometimes and the schticky zingy one liner blonde routine makes me ill. thank the blessed skies above that whedon is not doing the rest of these movies. let the russo's handle everything. their brand of humour is more palatable to me. the jokes in this movie were heavily buffy-esque but severely lacking the buffy. what fine man flesh to feast thine eyes upon tho. the laying of the pipework for ragnarok was exciting too... again, i am ALWAYS thrilled for the thor movies in theory and then bitterly disappointed at their delivery. why does this always happen? if they would just make LOTR expanded style cuts i may complain less. GIMME THOSE DELETED SCENES IN A THOR MOVIE I NEED THEM. MORE HEIMDALL. MORE SIF. MORE HEIMDALL AND SIF BEING SIBLINGS AND RIBBING EACH OTHER WHILST BEING SUPER SUPPORTIVE OF EACH OTHER EMOTIONALLY AND STUFF. MORE WARRIORS THREE. MORE FRIGGA. FRIGG LIVES!!!

bruce. oh bruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuce. so funny. so tragic. so smart. so manipulated by his bestie tony! so, yes, the hulk is trying to protect puny human by stealing the quinjet and getting him away from natasha and tony and the whole avengers thing. plus, all the veronica stuff makes me miss betty something fierce. WHERE IS BETTY ROSS??? you can bet if betty and jane were part of the Science Coalition that ultron would not have happened.

vision. you know what? vision being able to lift mewmew is bullshit. i am so upset about that i can't even articulate why it is so wrong. if steve 'i need to be a better human being because it's the right thing to do' rogers can't lift mjolnir, then nobody can.

steve. lovely wonderful steven rogers. this was a nice build up to civil war. and steve and sam is always delightful. the hurt locker fangirl in me was disappointed we didn't get a scene with mackie and renner but this movie feels like mostly filler for a great many things. in other places it feels like there was just TOO MUCH. it was 'too busy' as the aunty said. she was asking a million and one questions as to whether this was true or if the comics said that and who's that person and weren't there more women avengers too that she saw in my little picture books? it was too cute.

Does Marvel have a Gender Inequality Problem?

wakanda. hello andy serkis. maybe it was the dirty grime or the south african accent or the cut physique he obviously has but i hope we see more of you in the upcoming movies. may t'challa kick your mighty fine ass all over my screen

dear avengers,

our population does not appreciate you damaging our infrastructure!

citizens of wakanda, korea and other places you have reigned down destruction upon in the name of being saviours

tony obviously sets aside funds to pay for the damages and insures all the things but in the future can we have safety classes and training of proper evacuation procedures for the new avengers and future avenger generations? that would be swell THANKS.

the overall feeling i had from this experience is that this was basically a handjob of congratulations for the hetero white boy club (and my how they came out in droves to the cinema i was at. standing in the concession queue had me surrounded on all sides. it was irritating.) and i am not the least bit surprised! it's always the tony stark show featuring those other dudes with a heavy side dish of whedon's special brand of 'feminism'. JUST because he acknowledges it in the maria/rhodey/tony/thor drinking cocktails scene that the women in these movies conveniently DON'T interact for the sake of testosterone and then makes misogynistic jokes about one girlfriend being better than the other doesn't mean he fixed it and CAN WE PLEASE STOP CALLING HIM A FEMINIST NOW? JOSS WHEDON IS NOT YOUR BEACON OF EQUALITY. also, still with the gratuitous crowd shots? SIGH. i'm just getting really bitter now. it's a long term side effect of being WHEDON'D! but also relying on the first movie's mcguffin to further the plot in this was like, WHAT? i was shaking my head at a lot of those types of call backs and how integrated they were into this. after it was over and we were walking out of the theatre i was going: i liked it?????? but also... not
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