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got into a car wreck on friday. some dude in a bigass truck turned into me to try and avoid jumping a curb, probably. idk, i didn't see him until AFTER i got hit.

my car:

his car (ignore the long white reflection of the lane on his bumper):

so i went to the ER cos that night after the adrenaline wore off, OUCH. and now my body is in constant pain even though i'm on some heavy duty muscle relaxers and steroids and i will probably be out of work for another week or so cos these meds knock you on yer arse. no operating heavy equipment or operating a car so i need to be chauffeured everywhere. yay! (not really yay).

rehab/massage therapy here i come! also, probably investing in a bigger car.

in more awesomer news, i FINALLY FINISHED my comic overhaul i started two years ago! now i just need boxes to put them in cos they're still stacked neatly and alphabetically in my room.

Tags: boring life stuff, eff you universe, people are stupid, this is why we can't have nice things

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