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one heart one duty

heh, so. kenzi/dyson kinda sorta happened and it's only everything i ever thought this show was about in the first place so i was really happy and then immediately anxious and worried cos I DON'T TRUST THINGS WHEN THEY HAPPEN THE WAY I THINK THEY SHOULD cos it always ends badly. i made this as an emotional response to that. DAMMIT SHOW!

special thanks to sarahsoph, aj & afigureofspeech


the way we touch + we are twin

dare i say the rest
the people they can stare
i don't mind it i don't care
as long as we together we got love extraordinaire


*long haul + voxtrot

to fixing trouble in a broken home
and if you won't
you won't call when you can
walk beside me past my past


go home + lucius

press on my heart i will say i am lonely
with a static smile i think
my stitching's coming loose i'm
hard headed but completely soft inside


unofferable + half moon run

imagine the warmth in those tiny hands
that held onto a penance i didn't deserve
don't it feel like a knife
in the back of your head


so what + ani difranco

close your eyes slowly
like you're waiting for a kiss and
hope some lowly little power will
pull you out of this but none comes


two sides of lonely + the lone bellow

we stood between the graves in our town and
the dead folks sang their forgotten songs as
i watched your eyes stare at the ground
on the one hand you're hoping i'm lying


teeth + thao & mirah

please be kind let me loose
let me loose i said
next time i swear
more hope less fail


girl in the war + josh ritter

but i got a girl in the war paul
her eyes are like champagne
they sparkle bubble over
and in the morning all you got is rain


you + keaton henson

if you must leave
leave as though fire burns under your feet
if you must speak
speak every word as though it were unique


perth V ready for the floor + daughter

you're my number one guy



*mp4 file

(individual tracks will be up for one week)

listen + .zip
Tags: hoist the colours, music: fanmix, ships ahoy!, teevee: lost girl, why are you breaking my brains, why was i given feelings

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