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18 February 2013 @ 02:24 pm
ask me  
i know it didn't really work out the last time but, let's try again since this isn't a multimedia answery type of meme. i can just type it.

gimme a number and i'll answer.

1) What OTPs in your fandom(s) do you just not get?
2) Are there any popular fandom OTPs you only BroTP?
3) Any fandoms that don’t appeal to you?
4) Have you ever unfollowed someone? Why?
5) Do you have a NoTP in [insert fandom here]?
6) Has fandom ever ruined a pairing for you?
7) Is there anything you used to like, but now can’t stand?
8) Unpopular opinion about [insert fandom here]?
9) Have you received anon hate? What about?
10) Any fandom you’re ashamed of being in?
Gwenhwyfar: Sailor Moon-Cute Pluto and Tuxygwenhwyfar1984 on February 19th, 2013 01:46 am (UTC)
Number 1! Do I have to give a fandom?
Sunny: Tate & Tennant much adosunny_serenity on February 19th, 2013 03:22 am (UTC)
naaaaaaah, i'll just go with current fandoms.

lizzie bennet diaries: darcy/lizzie... but that's probably because i really always like the lizzie/fitzwilliam dynamic(s) in most of the P&P tellings. this latest is no exception.

lost girl: bo/dyson. like, their chemistry is kind of non-existent for me. it's just two hot bodies making the frictions and it's supposed to be all deep and meaningful soul bonded times and it reads like a wet noodle splattered on the kitchen wall from last week's family dinner.

elementary: well, no. i totally get the OTP times of joan/sherlock cos it reads SO MUCH like early mulder/scully minus the government conspiracy but a crap load of inner demons to help solidify their bond.

yeah, that last one doesn't have anything to do with the question but ERMERGERD i just had to talk about them because reasons.
help, i'm alive ;;: {leverage} →what would parker doodakota_rose on February 19th, 2013 03:51 am (UTC)
6- I know the answer and all but ... y'know. expounding and all that.
Oo! Or 8.
Or kinda anything because you and meta and hearts. and also my brain's all splodey because I spent 8 hours staring at a spreadsheet at work today. (ugh, no.(
Sunny: Black Widow Sienkiewiczsunny_serenity on February 19th, 2013 05:47 am (UTC)
6) ugh, sometimes fandom does ruin stuff for me which is why i mostly keep it at arms length. the stupid ship wars of SGA kind of hammered the last nail in the teyla/shep when i could have been persuaded. actually, the show kind of shot itself to hell without any fandom help. so, maybe like CSI or something? i'm actually more curious to know what it is you think the answer is, lol!

8) unpopular opinion? yeesh so many to choose from. i'm going with a comic answer this time. i SO DO NOT UNDERSTAND how all this retconning of winter soldier can make everyone okay with oh look, natasha betrayed a man she loved AGAIN for the wispy excuse of her just being russian. i'm pretty fricken sure there's a lot of love lost between this woman and the country who used and abused her mind body and soul and if i'm supposed to buy that then you have OBVIOUSLY lost touch with how women want to be portrayed in media. it's like they just don't know what to do with her character not just because she's from the cold war era of writing which, they have immense problems with, but because she's always been cooler than they've written her and yet, she's so popular. like, idek. i have a shit tonne of ish with women in comics and it's mostly RAGE.</p>

while i'm at it, clint/jessica in this new run of avengers (whichever 'verse it is) that has them all together and stuff. like, WHY? it makes no sense. now, kate bishop mooning over clint i get. there's some hero worship some mentor crushing and hell yeah admiration for being only a dude on a team of super powered individuals. THAT i get. i don't like it, but i TOTALLY get it.

help, i'm alive ;;: {leverage} →what would parker doodakota_rose on February 20th, 2013 04:46 am (UTC)
Fandom can definitely ruin things for me. It's just... the drama. And okay, sometimes writers and PTBs make utterly stupid decisions (see: Stargate Atlantis past season 2, Season 6 of Bones, season 6 finale/season 7 of Gilmore Girls etc.) and that's bad on its own- Stargate Atlantis totally lost me after season 3 and a little bit of 4, mostly the same with Bones, and I only tuned back in to Gilmore Girls for the last few episodes. And it wasn't even the ship!crashing that turned me off because that's what fanfic is for; it was more the character destruction and fandom drama.

Other times shows make totally logical choices like not throwing characters together and instead developing them separately. And then some fans get all rage!face-must-Hulk!smash and it annoys me. Especially when all of that rage centers around a ship. No matter how much I like a good romance, life doesn't begin and end around whether or not you're seeing someone. So yeah... Idk if any of my thoughts are even being articulated here, but people who think that a woman has to be dating someone to be happy annoy me. Especially when the perception is that she's incomplete if single, even if she may have really good reasons for being single. Applies in real life also but that's a whole 'nother conversation. xD /endramble.

I'm annoyed by women in comics for the most part, it's part of why I never read many of them growing up. A) As a kid I found the costumes and characterization absurd, also the notion that all a girlfriend ever does is sit around and wait to be rescued after being kidnapped. Again. B) As an adult, I still find the costumes and characterization mostly absurd. If I ever get kidnapped I'm gonna kick somebody in the nuts and save myself and looking at some of those poses makes my back hurt just thinking about them.

le Bro and I sometimes camp out in Starbucks with the Marvel comics connection they have, but we both get annoyed with the way the girls get written and end up having conversations like: "Oh hey, go back to that page, stuff's blowing up!" and "So... if we re-did this, then this and this would happen, and not that.... or that. Ooh! Splodey!" and "Hey, wasn't he a villain on the SciFi channel?"

I'm kinda just avoiding the Winter Soldier stuff right now because I'm gonna end up with 99 problems and all of them rage if I don't. Denial is healthy for me.

And ain't that always the way? With the exception of a very few characters, women in media end up being way cooler than they're written an awful lot.
sugar_feysugar_fey on February 19th, 2013 04:06 am (UTC)
Sunnysunny_serenity on February 19th, 2013 06:21 am (UTC)
2) still kinda having an existential crisis with joan/sherlock that can be summed up in this very accurate comic:

because whether it's OTP or BroTP it's something fascinating and beautiful to behold. i love that they're PEOPLE first and then assigned a specific title (assistant/client/friend etc etc) but then, which i project to be the end game, ultimately end up being the most important presence in each others lives that words become insufficient to describe the meaning of true love. not tru wub but like, actual love in all it's beautiful forms.

help, i'm alive ;;odakota_rose on February 20th, 2013 04:47 am (UTC)
Uh, also? This is sorta my life when it comes to Elementary. Why am I so conflicted? UGH.
A completely happy writer: DW - got my spaceship got my boyslar_laughs on February 19th, 2013 04:47 am (UTC)
Sunny: show killersunny_serenity on February 19th, 2013 06:30 am (UTC)
by far, the most once loved things in my fandom life is the big bang theory and merlin. they both started off with quite novel concepts and wonderfully executed ideas which then rapidly descended into tropey run of the mill entertainment fodder. they both leave me shouting in the wind: I THOUGHT YOU WERE DIFFERENT!!!! so to make myself feel better i invest in awesomely awesome fix-it fic written by those with far more insight and love for the characters and stories than those assholes in charge do.
Vicky: [Castle] Castle/Beckettvickysg1 on February 19th, 2013 09:23 am (UTC)
Sunny: WW CJ facepalmsunny_serenity on February 19th, 2013 05:05 pm (UTC)
10) most embarrassing fandom: twilight. to be fair, i was of the jacob-before-he-was-turned-into-an-asshat contingent. when he was young, full of life, completely unafraid of feeling and only wanted the best for bella even if it wasn't him. then that all went to shit pretty quickly. oh well.
ankareeda: vegas_gameoverankareeda on February 19th, 2013 10:12 pm (UTC)
3! :)
Sunny: AMY POEHLER!sunny_serenity on February 21st, 2013 06:23 am (UTC)
3) teen wolf is completely unappealing. so is any CW show for that matter. they bore me. i guess i just don't like the high school types of drama.