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bound/bonded mix

soooooooooooooooooo, this was supposed to be really informal and just made for inspiration purposes cos cybermathwitch needed some inspiration for her soul bonded fic heavy in your arms and she was all 'RAWR! WIP Y U SO HARD TO DO?!?!?' (which okay, kind of totally proves my point with why i really hate them so much but also, how fucking awesome is this bar that now we can all be part of the creative process? FUCKAWESOME! *SQUISHES*) with this mix we're trying to capture the whirlwind of this story (cos wow, they do all the ESCAPE AND SURVIVE portion without natasha knowing clint's name for like a whole two days or whatever. TWO DAYS, YOU GUYS!!! this fic is crazeballs and i love it!) but also encompassing the bond as a character in and of itself trying to relate this circularly to include coulson/the cellist and fury/jin mei (if you guess which track that's supposed to be you get cookies). koren and i were once talking about how natasha and clint are like two separate atoms that spin wildly and unbeknownst, are trying to find another with a similar charge and when the two meet they combine and create a new molecule. (YAY! SCIENCE ANALOGY!) so, my dear, i really hope this lives up to the headspace/mood you were shooting for and helps you out of the writer's block. (and, as you can tell, i made the covers this go round cos i know my wifey is busy. anyone should feel free to make a better cover for this patheticness cos lookit mah photoshop skillz, yo!)


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about face / grizzly bear

makes me wonder and in case there is no thunder
a bit of grace in our blunder it’s a fire

|"What the fucking hell?"|


inside a boy / my brightest diamond

our edges can never be found out no our edges keep moving further out
we are stars colliding now we crash

|It was a brief respite, Natasha thought, but it didn't stop the burning underneath her skin.|


back broke / the swell season

it's clear you still want me i came on your command
don't give us false hope back by big demand

| It felt like she was between two unyielding forces, both of which were trying to pull her apart.|


rubble / ambrosia parsley

but i feel like he’s on his way and i’m in so so much trouble
well i’m guessing he knows what i did i’m afraid they will put me down

|"Where are we going? I don't mind you calling the shots but I need to know what's going on so I'm prepared."|


same / snow patrol

baby won't you breathe hold me in your freezing arms before we have to go
i wince a little but it's not because i know the truth

|She looked... resigned. Distant. Maybe even a little calculating, and it was like she'd slipped on some kind of mask. Behind it, he could see how much effort she was putting into trying to remain in control of herself and what was going on.|


beautiful drug / thievery corporation

throughout life's charade shines through everything that remains unsaid
you are the drug in my veins and i'm waiting to feel it again

|She'd wanted to reach up and hold onto him, to pin his hand in place so he would keep doing exactly what he was doing, just those maddening little circles, light and ghosting along her skin.|


kite / hiatus


|"Barton, you've been compromised. She's still the enemy." There was a sadness in the senior agent's eyes - the only place he'd let any hint of emotion show through.|


hounds / the antlers

i want to sever you defend against you
i want to speak for you as if i know what you’ll do

|He looked down and met her eyes in the shadows, and the rest of the world fell away.|


pale september / fiona apple

then he rose, brilliant as the moon in full and sank in the burrows of my keep
and all my armor falling down in a pile at my feet and my winter giving way to warm

|Eyes on hers, he felt, rather than saw it, when she took the wash cloth away from him with her free hand and brought it up to his face. She tilted his head so that she had a better angle and broke their eye contact for just a minute while she wiped the blood from him, too.|


fumbling towards ecstasy / sarah mclachlan

companion to our demons they will dance and we will play
with chairs candles and cloth making darkness in the day

|She reached up and grabbed his face, stopped him and looked him in the eyes. "The only reason I'm here is because you did the impossible."|



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