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off the grid mix

this is for bob5fic and workerbee73's off the grid and five times... epilogue which both follow teenage makeouts (yeesh that's a lot of writing... WOMEN, YOU ARE AMAZING).

it seems that we call and answer through fic, meta and mix. ah, the triplicate of it all. SO MUCH LOVE! and i totally owe(d) bob some comparative mix/quote meta for history's mistakes but oi, life! so here darling, have this instead (but don't like, take it as concrete gospel. you can interpret this however you so wish dear listener. and bob, i'll get to HM one day. i swear i will. 'tis a goal!) oh, and bee, the last track is why i couldn't word correctly how FREAKING FANTASTIC the colour metaphor with natasha was in the epilogue. i picked this song last minute before the final chapter posting and said to myself after much analysis, 'self, this song is AWESOME! and lookit all the water and visual aids this song lends to in this world STRAIGHT FROM THE TEXT and lookit how perfect the music is in form! light and lifty and hopeful but still kind of freaking heavy and relentless.' AND THEN YOU WROTE IT IN FIC FORM. i died.

dear listener, you can also find some parallels in the lyrics of the songs. hint: track 1 and 4. and sometimes it's more in the construct of the music. hint: tracks 6 and 10. (but i think that's more cos YAY!ICELAND!MUSIC! *shrug*) this was supposed to be an EP of like, seven tracks with supah sekrit songs you could only get if you dl'd the zip file (i was feeling evil, sorry) but yeah, that never happened... my dear lovely babealicious wife daxcat79 put together the covers, again. *MWAH*


*please comment if taking so i can keep track of bandwidth

lover's day / tv on the radio

hunger for you like a cannibal not gonna let you run
i'm gonna take you i'm gonna shake you i'm gonna make you cum

|“Tell me, Clint Barton. What are you afraid of?”|


the magic / joan as policewoman

i wanna do better than to fight this life cos it is a dream
i wonder if the wild animals living in me well will they ever find freedom

|“You don’t have to be anything else. Not with me.”|


make it wit chu / queens of the stone age^

just can't recall what started it all or how to begin in the end
i ain't here to break it just see how far it will bend

|I’d lick all of his blood from you. Let me lick your body clean.|


a wall / bat for lashes

if you'd just rest your head stop repeating the charge
you know that this time will turn all the locks

|“You can,” she whispered, pressing soft kisses to his temple and cheek. “I’ll take care of you, I promise.”|


touch your skin / bob hartry

don't start talking keep moving on
this was always what we were in it for

|What was she doing to him?|


pagan poetry / björk

he offers a handshake crooked five fingers
they form a pattern yet to be matched

|Remember; remember and lock it all away.|


death pt 2 (adagio) / john murphy


|“You have me. You will always have me.”|


take this longing / leonard cohen

your body like a searchlight my poverty revealed i would like to try your charity until you cry now you must try my greed
and everything depends upon how near you sleep to me

|“I’m sorry,” he said over and over, kissing her in all those unknown places as he spoke.|


new york / snow patrol

just give me a sign there’s an end and not beginning
to the quiet chaos driving me mad

|In Malibu; come find me. - N|


yellow light / of monsters and men

running into the night the earth is shaking and i see a light
the light is blinding my eyes as the soft walls eat us alive

|She wanted to laugh and cry and scream at the top of her lungs; to paint the world in bright bold colors, to leave Natalie Rushman’s monochrome of beige far behind.|



^mp4 format

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