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24 September 2012 @ 06:48 pm
blood and crushed veneer  
so because bee's teenage makeout 'verse is a fucking life ruiner and full of NATASHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA and complimentary broken pieces of super sexy spy shenanigans are now heading in a plotty direction we needed to cast the resident baddie DAN THE EVIL MAYOR OF EVIL TOWN. ryan reynolds was thrown around a bit but please god no because that's just too real life weird and he's wade wilson and WADE WILSON IS NOT YOUR MAYOR. then i was all CHRIS PINE! but that mostly has to do with my star trek feels. plus, it didn't feel right. bradley cooper came up but there was too much crossover with johannson (like, seriously, between her and renner it's hard to cast people they HAVEN'T worked with. i came up with kevin bacon. that's probably false.) for much of the same reason i didn't want who we eventually cast as DAN THE EVIL MAYOR OF EVIL TOWN but bee needed someone capable of funny yet menacing and the ability to turn that on a dime and duh!


holy shit i love him. always have. he's one of the most underrated working actors of our time and yeah, he did black dahlia with johannson but, AARON. ECKHART. YOU GUYS!!! he would try and intimidate clint with his towering physique and all american chiseled face and poor clint would have to endure silently seething not killing this asshole in name of the mission while natasha grits her teeth and does her job. because it's her job. and ugh, er mer gerd, the angst!!!! i feel it in the water... come to me.

in other news: bob's inappropriate and obsessive 'verse killed my brain. read it if you like dark!fic (tw: self harm)

hee! five days til dexter and homeland! EXCIIIIIIIIIIIITE!!!! NEW MUMFORD TOMORROW! WOO! oh, and something about avengers?
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Sunny: Avengers take caresunny_serenity on September 25th, 2012 07:31 pm (UTC)