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break you through this world - a super sexy spies mix

mostly taken from the MCU versions of natasha & clint this was almost called SUPER SEXY SPIES: ADVENTURES IN SPACE BROS! The Crunchy and Dirty Edition. you were spared my lack of creativity due to the fact that there's this push/pull, same/different, contradictory/complimentary dynamic that goes on between these two. my brother had this handheld spinny tension toy that he used to play with endlessly. it had these shiny pieces of paper/material/whatever connected from the handles to the middle of the hub that would contract whenever you pulled. that's kind of the visual that pops into my head whenever these two come up. the harder you try to rip them apart the tighter the centrefuge becomes. most of it is unspoken, intangible and uncertain yet veritably grounded. so i suppose there's a lot of precarious teetering on their own edges combined with solid truths when it comes to the intricacies of their relationship. there are places they can go but areas left untouched. there's always going to be some kind of barrier to break through or obstacle to get around. not completely confident of the borders of their own selves whilst steadily believing each other. sometimes you need a partner to push you in the right direction or cover your six as you wade into it. because i'm pretty sure that's what love is, even if they don't.

breakyoucovera300 breakyoucoverb300

fancy claps / wolf parade
we can sing two cracks in the crossbeams we can sing
very very quietly we can sing for each other


feast of the heart / jesca hoop
and there's a light switch baby you turned it on
don't you ever leave me here in the dark


sweetest kill / broken social scene ^

i held your hand until the light the scars were on the back
and all the time we were the right was it just retract


good friend / plants and animals

i want to wake up and see your shoes in the stairwell
i want you only to love me for my black eyes


mouthful of diamonds / phantogram

and troubles are on the rise cos you're in disguise
oh and if it isn't me then pack your bags and leave


got to get / archie bronson outfit

here comes your sound you move you're found
hold off hold true till I get you


nail in my coffin / the kills

quit being a nail in my coffin and i don't need another one
quit being a line i'm crossing and i am never gonna get back from


love & misery / tobias froberg feat ane brun

i understand what you can do
understand me


sahara mahala / the jezabels

know your divide between bringing in the light playing in the height of the sky with hope
with sweet hope and playing in the pools where the broken lines of your love meet


axis: thrones of love / pink mountaintops

hunted in the streets with a heart full of stitches
and daggers are in my dreams singing



^m4a file
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