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New Sparky Fic: Learned Obssession

Premiere nite is so exciting ain't it? *confetti* YAY!

Title: Learned Obsession
Rating: PG, fer being a mite suggestive.
Spoilers: Suspicion... but I am assuming we all saw that one... and New Order... which I’ve never seen, so thanks to the Bugster for filling in the factoid :D
Summary: Some things are erudite.
Disclaimer: Once upon a time, there were men named Brad Wright and Robert C. Cooper. They adapted a movie called Stargate and made it into a successful television show. Then a few years later there was its spin-off Stargate:Atlantis. All of which I had nothing to do with and therefore cannot claim any reparations if they decide to ever go with this particular ship or this story line. That being said, please make Sparky canon. I’ll be your bestest fangirl, not too obsessive, not extremely blasé, but just right. Please don’t sue me, I promise to be good. And they all lived happily ever after. The End.

A/N: All my gratitude for the awesomeness that is my beta the one, the only footballin' buggy_542. Oh, and I have NO idea where this idea came from. Must be the Northern Hemisphere's summer heat. Happy Hurricane season folks. And you know what? I'm kinda mad that they don't do MORE of the ocean and sea that SURROUNDS the pwetty 'Lantia. Buggers!

Learned Obsession

Elizabeth Weir was not a woman prone to obsess over certain things. Devoted yes, but not to the point of infatuation. Still, she could not explain the current fixation she had over his mid back; right below the shoulder blades where it created that ‘V’ in his musculature. Whether clothed or not, it was a part of his anatomy she found impossible to ignore. She rarely missed any opportunity that presented itself for her to take hold of him in that region. Exempt, of course, were the chances of putting their relationship on display.

Perhaps the fascination had seized her after their trip past the southwest break of the continent. According to him, these were the calmer of the breakers he had discovered on his many recreational dawn patrols. Something about the lack of caverns and crevices in the reef made its waves mild. One to two feet, he had said. It was great for learning.

She had had some of the marine biologist check it out anyway. They only confirmed his findings, which she didn’t doubt to begin with. Having the scientist confirm it was a gesture of formality. After the all clear from the department head, surfing was now an official Atlantean pastime. Buoys to record swells were set up and samples of the marine life and salinity levels were brought back for controlled observation. With the next scheduled arrival of the Daedalus a shipment of boards and all their accoutrements were brought in. John had been in charge of placing the order, seeing as how she knew nothing about the sport. He ordered a variety of them. As with all things, she’d come to know, he was very thorough. There were longboard three stringers, skimboards for sand sliding and everything in between.

Elizabeth was always up for learning a new skill and she had always wanted to try her hand at surfing. Other things always took priority over it though. Her career, teaching, threatening an entire system with a yet undiscovered prophetic weapon. Although, now that she thought about it, she probably could have learned while she was in Australia during vacation. However, the threat of Great Whites had restrained her desire to learn. She hadn’t been much of an adventurer then and besides, she was only there for two days. However, it did look fun, which is why she agreed when John offered to teach her.

They went through the rudiments of Surfing 101 on the sand. There was learning how to paddle, the process of actually standing on the board and what to do when a wave tipped her over. For once, she had been appreciative of all those ballet lessons her mother forced on her.

So, she figured, it was about then her interest in his posterior had begun. The power that emanated out of his body during this activity astounded her. Of course, Elizabeth knew of his strength. Nevertheless, to see that force in action for purposes other than protection was a completely different story. John’s grace and fluidity through the water was captivating. This made it hard for her to keep her senses, resulting in a spill or two.

The preoccupation carried over into other areas as well.

John had set up a self-defence course mandatory for all personnel, department heads being the first and working down to the new civilian arrivals from the Daedalus. Naturally, Elizabeth had been in the first class and failed miserably. Why, in any gods’ name, did he have to wear his black tank top? It hugged him in all the right places accentuating her favorite section of his frame, distracting her sufficiently through the three-hour training sessions. What made the situation even more appealing and slightly embarrassing for her, was that he did it unintentionally. His obliviousness to the situation made him impossibly attractive. That is until the secret swooning of the other women in her class gave it away. He switched to his regulation black shirt and she took the class with Teyla as instructor the next round.

Currently, at this time of night and off duty, she found him shed of his jacket and hunched over his data pad and tray. He faced the huge picturesque window of the ocean exposing his back. Perfect. Once her admiration from the doorway came to its natural end, she quietly came up behind him to take a seat.

John was too deep in thought to hear her arrival, but he did catch the scent of her as she sat beside him.

“Hey,” the tiredness was apparent in his tone. Leaning into her, his kiss grazed her temple as a hello.

Automatically her hands reciprocated his caress, moving directly to her much-loved portion of his anatomy. She began gently drawing patterns across his back and soothing them out afterwards.

“You’re up late,” she stated.

“I’m trying to finish the new security rotation. Not to mention the new defence class,” he paused. “You think we could stop receiving new personnel every time the Daedalus passes through the Pegasus Galaxy?”

“I’ll see if I can put in a word,” she teased. “But I wouldn’t want to deprive our new envoys of the best and the finest that Atlantis can offer.”

“You trying to give me away?” he teased back.

“You didn’t seem to mind with the last rotation of classes.”

Oh, she was a flirt tonight.

“Contrary to popular belief,” he smiled. “I’m not that easy. And, I might add, you forgot to do the laundry that week. If anything, the ogling was your fault.”

“Okay, I’ll admit, I forgot to do the wash. But what did you expect after a week like that? I had two negotiations, the arrival of the Daedalus, new translations of some ruins and a surfing lesson or two thrown in for good measure, the latter of those from your doing.”

She began a teasing motion just on the border of tickling him.

“Come on, you know you needed it.”

“True. If anything it was a welcomed distraction.”

With that, his tiredness took a sudden leave of absence.

“Let’s see what else I can distract you with,” he breathed into her neck.

His ministration sent her reeling further into her learned obsession. She gripped him firmly as he turned his full attention towards her. Feeling his muscles contracting beneath her hands was enough to drive her want into overload. Her breath hitched as he swiftly got her to her feet.

“I think it’s time to call it a night,” he urged as he collected his things.

A chuckle escaped from her at his sudden urgency to leave the mess hall.

“I think you’re right,” she slyly grinned.

There were some things worth developing a fixation over, Elizabeth thought, especially if the reward was paid in full.

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