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hmm... so, just when i thought i was over and done with potter and said goodbye because the last movie was released and therefore, i would also be released. it would be a clean break. it wasn't. i tried to make this mix a more general DOOMED ship mix because there is nothing like sailing under pirate colours (HOIST THEM OH!) i had to come to terms with this still being about those assholes. so this is me exorcising my demons and i felt like i had to top that last mix but i totally lazed my way through the graphics on this one. L.A.Z.E.D. anyway, i love them so much it circles around to hate and i think we're finished but the momentum keeps it going and it circles back to the love part. i imagine that it's kind of like that for them too because of that inexplicable bond that tethers. this doesn't follow any kind of chronological progression or logic for that matter, but i'm sure there are themes and threads woven throughout. i didn't give it much thought. the only order to this thing is a he said/she said structure. (yes, i segregated the sexes. HOW ARCHAIC!) because while love may be this indefinable nebulous thing, there's always a reason. something happened in that tent and i'm pretty sure they used more than one alias whilst on the run. i think this is more about the senses or ~feelings or whatever and being caught in someways and progressive in others and left in that baffling area of WHAT ARE WE and HOW DO WE HOLD THIS THING? because damn, these fucking kids may not be going through a war anymore, but they're probably still fighting. i keep thinking of the after. and their after was never meant, as we're erroneously led to believe, to be a happy one that's tied up in a perfect bow. so this is post-post-war post-epilogue... probably.


next to you // bell x1
we'd be stuck in this place
for an age or two
i hope the wind changes
and the vacuum in space will draw me to you

perth // bon iver
gotta know been lead aloft
so i'm ridding all your stories
what i know what it is is pouring wire it up
you're breaking your ground

change of time // josh ritter
we cut through the lowlands
all hands through the saltlands
the white caps of memory
confusing and violent

a girl a boy and a graveyard // jeremy messersmith
and i feel like i'm some kind of frankenstein
waiting for a shock to bring me back to life
but i don't want to spend my time
waiting for lightning to strike

cursed sleep // bonnie prince billy
in her arms i trembled electric
oh and she let me and she held me
then waking she was older still
and holds my love against its will

louise louisa // mew
and don't ever think of trouble
the darkness that has been
no don't patronise with sorrow
i don't mean to

wake // the antlers
well you can come inside unlock the door take off your shoes
but this might take all night
to explain to you i would have walked out those sliding doors
but the timing never seemed right

second chances // paper route
then you threw stones at me and said that they were thrown in love
turns out that i don't really love you at all
cos love would find forgiveness
save your ammunition for somebody else

islands // young the giant
when no one’s home
do they feel cold on your bones
all the years i've missed your warmth
have you missed my warmth

candy cane crawl // the twilight singers
slow down lean in call up that feeling
you get when you're dealing that all too deceiving side of you
who loves you true but they'll just forget it
that shit'll twist your little mind if you let it believe


loud // matt nathanson & ingrid michaelson
wasted my septembers with you stuck up in my head
raced the days closed in the hopes that the mornings would swell again
don't offer me rewards
that's a weight that i don't need

grey // ani difranco
what can i say but i'm wired this way
and you're wired to me
and what can i do but wallow in you

lamppost // ohbijou
the song plays without guilt
and you were disaster peaking with sunrise
i fold these hands shut
to shut out your glimmering

wins // jade mcnelis
no history no trace of you or me
so what's the smallest you can think
or feel i fear
oh my dear you are not the same

fools in love // inara george
fools in love
gently hold each other’s hands forever
fools in love
gently tear each other limb by limb

marine fields grow // esben and the witch
i never thought i’d find myself
so far away from you
distant memories swell as they seep
on thirst

forever and a year // joan as police woman
memory sends forward history
that i could go as soon as now
so i am telling you i love you forever
and this is always sealed within the deep deep field
i like to stay right here

yashanti // yael naim*
אז אין לי מה למהר (and so i have no reason to hurry)
אם אתה איתי ולא אחר (if you are with me no one else)
בחלום שלי מהר (in my dream hurriedly)
חבק אותי לפני שאתעורר (hold me before i awake)
אהבתילבדי (i loved alone)
חשבתי שאתה איתי (i thought you were with me)

get it wrong get it right // feist
cold outside
warm by the fire
get it wrong
get it right

.zip & cover

*at least that's what google said! i did the phonetic translation by ear, i have that if you want

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