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this is a call of arms to live and love and sleep together

so. right. here's the thing. i am very much so a cheerleader and not so much a quarterback. i am very much so a sprinter much more than a long distance runner. and i am very much so a drabble/one shot kind of writer and not so much a 30k + plotter of plot in a story. that being said, i've been so consumed with this potter as skins idea (thank you tumblr & netflix respectively) i wrote out character manifestos that contain interpersonal dynamic summaries and some one off ideas. i don't really think i'll be able to sustain this thing or get it fully off the ground, but maybe it'll inspire something within the masses. there's a shitload of swearing and possible trigger warning-esque themes (mental illness/sexual promiscuity/murder). most of it comes from personal struggles and the flippant narrative is kind of how i dealt with them. hopefully, it rings true and no one feels offended or marginalised by the way some of these issues are handled. also, it was an excuse to post pretty pics of people that are pretty and rarely used.


Harry is an emotionally unstable miscreant and all around asshole. He's a street kid that makes his living off of fighting. Fighting helps him to keep his rage in check, or so he thinks. He's charismatic and charming and all the adults take pity on him because of his orphan status. He banks on this and it gets him out of a lot of scrapes with the law and other authoritarian figures which, is a good thing, seeing as he works for Tom (we'll get to him later). Ginny is his girlfriend but most times he doesn't notice, which is kind of sad, because really she deserves better. He wonders why she puts up with his shit. Ron is his best friend and he can't really talk to him about sex with Gin. Or any other girl for that matter. He's probably in love with Hermione and that's just... strange. He kips out on everyone's floor and sometimes rooms with Seamus and Ron, even Minnie sometimes, when she's feeling sorry for him and he's freezing his bollocks off in the two degree weather. He loves drinking more than drugs, although, he does that too. How else is he supposed to keep up with his cocktail of Adderall, Ritalin and Focalin? He's pretty sure he's supposed to take them all at the same time... or was it one at a time?


Hermione is an only child and top in all her courses. She loves breaking in to people's houses to steal nothing but their memories. She lies on their beds for ages and imagines what it's like to live a different life. She's the daughter of a psychiatrist and an obgyn. Her alzheimer's ridden grandfather lives with them. She steals her dad's scrip pad and forges his signature so she can get drugs for her friends and herself, of course. After her early childhood development in a preparatory school and making only one friend (Cho Chang) her parents decided to send her to a state funded sixth form to 'build character'. So, of course, she's friends with the friendly neighbourhood asbos. At first it's hard getting Luna and Cho to like each other because Cho doesn't understand how Hermione could be friends with such a 'space case'. Eventually she's able to build a bridge between the two and they regularly loiter around town together. She thinks she's in love with Ron, who she suspects likes her in some oblique way but he fucks with her head so, to get his attention, she's bonks anything with a dick. Even his best friend. That little gem will probably see the light of day sometime soon. She knows it's a bad idea and in the long run, it'll only hurt her more than anyone else because she thinks she loves them both. No one says a thing about it, except Fleur and maybe Ginny, but that's... awkward.


Ron is a genius at numbers and math but total shite at people and relationships. That's why he's been best friends with Harry since Fred and George stole his dump truck from the sandbox. Harry stepped on their toes to get it back. It's always been like that, getting even for each other and, even more important, getting each other out of trouble. He can't remember how many fights they've gotten out of. He's shite with feelings and words but good with drugs, booze and food. Ron always comes up with the most genius of plans for parties and assigns everyone a task. Harry gets them to do it. He really fancies Hermione but thinks she's slumming it with their group so, he acts out. She should be going to that posh private sixth form school with his sister Ginny. He adores his baby sister and would do pretty much anything she wanted because she's really bossy and could probably beat him up. Plus, his best friend is practically his brother-in-law already. He likes it when things connect and make sense to him. Luna likes him, probably even loves him even if he is a stupid daft git. He's thrown by her mostly but he likes it and that isn't cohesive.


Luna portrays this waif-like figure that aimlessly wanders the streets. She believes in love the most, that the world was created from love and that everything, even the bad things, have some kind of love in them. She's not a slag, but she gives her love freely. Why else would the word be in her name? She's loved by her unconventional architect father who also loves his new blushing bride. Luna loves her too, she thinks. She'd probably love her more if she wasn't so condescending all the time. God, she hopes they don't procreate. Her mum died when she was nine. She killed herself with all those pills Doctor Granger gave her. She was bipolar. That's hereditary, isn't it? She hopes she doesn't have it. Hermione probably feels guilty about that. Like it's somehow her fault her mum was a little zealous with the pills. But that's not why they're friends. Luna likes to break into houses with Hermione. They talk about the future as if they'll actually live it. She drifts off to another place that not many would get. Maybe that's why Ron is so appealing. He's always consistent if not understanding, stable if a little unreasonable. She knows he cares about people, if only he could show it.


Neville is a goofball and a party animal because there is no other way to be. He has little to no confidence despite being the hype-man. He can hide behind his ability to get other people pumped. He's the only child of a pushover and a boozer. If only he could be less of a partier and more of a studier. Seems like he'll be eternally bound to live in this shite place if he can't get his coursework done. Ginny gets him to buckle down in the student mentoring programme that the college provides. The group takes note of his absence at parties and other shenanigans. Ginny instills him with true confidence, it makes him love her. He wrote her a song you see. Harry would never understand how amazing she is. He'd never treat her like the goddess she is. Neville just hopes Harry doesn't cotton on. And why does that Draco kid keep giving him death glares?


Gin is ace at everything. School, sports, sex (Tom tried to recruit her once). For all of her success she's really lonely and lost. It's why she's top in her class and does so many extra curricular activities. Lacrosse, tutoring, drama class etc. It'll look good on her transcripts to apply for schools in the States. Sarah Lawrence, she thinks, or Vassar. The poshest schools always have the dirtiest parties, right? If only Cho Chang wasn't such a nuisance with vying for the top spot she'd have this in the bag. She needs to get out of here and be somebody if only to escape her mother's fate of birthing like a machine.She thinks her mum rather liked being pregnant, she told her once: 'How else was I supposed to keep your father off me?' Wow. Her dad's a copper but not the street kind, he's with white collar crimes. Otherwise, they'd really have to keep tabs on their night time proclivities. She adores her boyfriend even though he treats her like shit. She loves him so you put up with it right? It's what her parents do. Not that they're a sparkling reference for relationships. It's probably why she's sleeping with Draco. Hermione disapproves. Of course she would.


Draco the bossy, manipulative poor little rich boy. He's antagonistic and condescending but somehow full of charisma. He's pretty, he can get away with it. He might be gay, or bi. What is it they're calling it now, 'Pansexual'? Who the hell knows. He just wishes he could be honest. Attending the posh private school with pretty girls on an exchange programme is one of the highlights of his life. God, it's so empty. He wants to be full of purpose and reason. He wishes his elitists parents didn't expect him to be so perfect. He wants to fuck up and get sloshed on pills and slaughtered. It's probably why he's so switched on by Ginny. He thinks he's sticking it to Potter by boffing his girlfriend. Luna's the only person who really likes him. She's the only one who thinks he can be different. He wishes he were more like Potter. That asshole is never alone.


Tom is a sociopathic pimp, drug dealer miscreant and all around asshole. Sometimes he's his own worse enemy and bites off more than he can chew. He runs the rackets, parties and books of the town. That Weasley arse has been trying to get him for years. Harry is in his employ as his most prized fighter and biggest attraction. He has a special affinity for the boy. If only for their similar backgrounds. Tom really hopes to groom the boy into his heir. The boy's young but he's got all the makings of a leader. He just needs to be honed. Until the boy grows a conscience and tries to break free from his grip when that Hermione girl gets too involved with a certain business venture. Tom wants her to take over his girls. Bella's getting tired and keeps talking about Saint-something-or-other-island. This Hermione girl's got a knack for bossing people around and she's pretty. Her twat can keep the men in line, her brain can keep his business alive. He'll still get a percent of course. He wishes Potter would realise that, if not, there's always Draco.


Despite her academic record Cho is generally apathetic to everything. She doesn't know if she's bored or if she cared too much, too soon. The only person she really loves is Hermione, her best friend from the age of forever ago. When the Doctors Granger decided to split them up Cho knew life was full of disappointment. When Ced got killed in that corner shop robbery she knew life was full of shit. It wasn't even a robbery. It was outright murder. No one cares about what kids think or feel. They don't even register as human. Fucking adults. She never wants to grow up. She's going to be as loud as she can while no one's listening. It's probably why she's so good at talking her way out of trouble. She's gotten Hermione and her lot of asbos out of trouble with just her mouth and she didn't have to blow anybody either. She says no to the harder stuff and fuck it to the lighter. Someone's got to keep their head, otherwise they'd get nicked more often than not. She gets Seamus' 'just cos' attitude, it works perfectly with her 'why not' questions. Her mum's a prosecutor for the court. She'll probably be a barrister just to tick her mum off. Her dead father was a celebrated violinist and a devout Buddhist. She doesn't know what that means. She doesn't really care.


Seamus is the 'just cos' guy. Not everything has to have a reason. He wants to be a professional footballer but he doesn't think he has the talent. Too often he gets nicked for petty crimes, graffiti, shoplifting. That might work against his ambitions. Most of all, he's tired of being moved around by his dad and his dad's stupid job. He wishes he didn't have to be a vagabond so much. He thinks it causes most of his parent's rows. He wonders why they even got married if they don't even love each other. He never wants to be like them. However, the gentrification of this new place requires some demolition work and it's perfect cos his dad is an explosives expert. It's also perfect because he knows all the brilliant places to hold the raves. Best part? If there's a fight, there's absolutely no clean up... well, not like they do anyway. Harry gets into a lot of fights even if he doesn't get paid for 'em. It's a good thing Seamus is there, he can hit really hard. Just in case. Sometimes, Seamus thinks he might be gay. Then sometimes he think he might be gay for just Dean because no other blokes really get him switched on. Is it strange to be in love with your best friend? It doesn't help that he sees him every day. Why does he have to live next door?


Lavender loves clothes and makeup and parties and being a girl. She wants Hermione to be more girly so she constantly makes her over and experiments with her as a subject. Maybe she'll be a wardrobe mistress for the movies, oh, or one of those ITV costume dramas. For now though she has to work at the local fish and chip shop her uncle owns, whom she lives with because her dad died of some heart disease. Her uncle has been more of a parent to her than any other adult. She hates that her absent druggie stripper mum gave her a colour name. Was Lavinia too hard to spell? It's much prettier than Lavender and Brown regardless of the fact that they look so pretty together on a colour palette.


Dean hates to be a stereotype. Yes, he's black. Yes, he's good at football but for fuck's sake don't ask him to sing. What the fuck kind of thinking is that anyway? He doesn't understand people and the way they work but, if you want to get ahead sometimes you have to play the game. And he's very good at it. He's probably going to go pro straight after his A-levels. Man U was looking to recruit him but he hates them. Besides, it's so far away. Plus, he doesn't think a lot of people would go for a gay footballer. He's hoping to change that. Once upon a time he had a thing with Hermione until she told him he was gay. He was sorry cos he really loved her. Now he holds her hair for her as she pukes in the loos and on the pavement. It kind of reminds him of the early days when his dead beat of a father just up and left. He'd hold his mum up as she lost her stomach over the self-medicated regiment she set up for herself. She's better now. His step-dad is kind of a ponce but he loves his mum and sisters so he's okay with that. Really, he's staying until Seamus finally has the courage to love him completely.


Ced loves weed. He'll light a spliff faster than you can say please. Cho wishes he didn't smoke so much, he laughs at really inappropriate times. Working at the corner store as the overnight clerk is brilliant because his customers get their weed and buy out the stock of crisps. Everybody wins. His venture into pills didn't go so well. He couldn't really push the E, so Tom came collecting one night. He has an insect collection that is bonkers. Nobody really gets why he likes them so much. He's just a weird kid sometimes. He also has a tarantula named Harry. He thought it was amusing. Harry didn't. He got stuck with the spider after Ced's murder.


Fleur is an exchange student from France. She plans on using England as her fresh start after her sister's untimely and premature death. She attends school with Cho, Ginny and Draco and thinks English boy's are adorable but stupid. Her enthusiasm for life sparks really well with Cho's apathetic nature. She's going to infuse her with joie de vivre whether she likes it or not. But first, she needs to teach everyone the proper way to do the French inhale. She likes Ginny but the feeling is not mutual, for now. People call her a slag just because she's pretty and isn't afraid of establishing her sexuality. The fact that she has a reputation for giving good head might have something to do with that narrow minded label that precedes her. It doesn't matter if she doesn't make sense to anyone else. She is a woman, she loves her body and everyone should feel the same about their own self.


Dobby is everyone's favourite. The group babies him whilst simultaneously endangering his well being. He's very enthusiastic about things and gets hyper when you give him more than two Mars bars. He'd never eat that much though, he'd just make an excuse to use the loo and shove his fingers down his throat. No one thinks a boy can have an eating disorder. As if that wasn't bad enough, he also inherited manic depression from his father. He tries to kill himself every other week. There's a rotating Dobby watch so he's rarely left alone. Hermione gets him the good stuff when it gets really bad. He looks up to Harry as a role model if only he could be so charming and not depressed all the fucking time. Ced's insect collection keeps him afloat most days. He really likes bugs.


Minnie is one of the very rare adults the kids trust. After her loveless marriage fell apart she returned home. She couldn't have children so, as cliche's go, teaching is the next best thing for her. She's kind but firm and really wants these kids to get their shit together. She doesn't judge. She knows how harsh the world out there is. Hell, she was one of the premiere asbos in her time.She knows it's a phase for some, a sentence for others. She's there to make sure none of them fall through the cracks. Even that little shithead Harry Potter.

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