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07 July 2011 @ 04:48 pm
a heart that fits in your pocket and you can hear me at night when it's quiet  
did a bit of a friends cut/modification. all comms tho. not much was catching my attention. then again my pursuits have been quite narrow of late. i could never get rid of people! I FIND IT IN PEOPLE. PEOPLE > comms. just fyi.

let's chat LJ. i feel talky! all subjects open for discussion. much lazy typing and lack of proper punctuation to follow.

things i have been thinking about include: getting an ipod, i really don't want one cos ugh, it's NOT user friendly with the way i use things so i've been putting it off for a long while now, do i get the touchy one or the classic one? also, can it hook up to a car without the antenna and/or tape adapter accessory cos ugh, do not want... idk, any suggestions welcome

leverage, why are they hitting heavy on the exposition of who the characters are in this new season? for instance the first ep had Eliot explaining to Parker the difference between them and the others on the team, he and Parker are willing to do the immoral thing because that's just how they work and Parker's WANT to be different, her struggle to fight against her natural tendency because she wants to be a better person? OH THIS GIRL. FAVOURITE. i mean yeah i get that certain things need to be said in order to progress a character arc but, oh show, you were so amazing with doing it with subtlety not hitting me over the head with Parker sized anvils

is anyone else loving the subtle Eliot/Sophie slant that's been happening or am i just shipping too hard? i can't figure this one out, beggars should not be choosy cos they're giving me all kinds of Parker/Hardison goodness (please don't moonlight it ptbs you are the very few i have faith in) but Eliot and Sophie seem to have reached a new level of understanding and trust with one another, i guess all it took was for nate to screw up big time for them to find new loyalties? it's almost like there will always be three in that bond tho... oh, what a fine mess you are

potter: hermione, hermione and her sociopathic tendencies and fucking twisted sense of right, this girl is fucked up and no one notices this, i mean a few notice it (Cho Chang woot woo!) but it's not like everyone will accept this fact cos this girl is good at hiding and keeping secret things secret and as much as i begin to understand her i tend to also lose her. OH THIS GIRL. YOU ARE SO FASCINATING AND I CANNOT WRAP MY HEAD AROUND YOU. NEVER LEAVE MY LIFE. ALWAYS DRESS IN GREY.

ron, the lack of awesome in ron, how ron was short changed, how psychotic ron stans get butt hurt over every little disparaging remark against their ickle ronniekins, big FYI: it's okay to not like certain aspects of your favourite character because NOBODY IS PERFECT and grey is a wonderful colour, this makes me like him less and it does not sit well with me, you all love him for what he is and i love him for what he's not... i'm quickly becoming the 'loving the character you love but for completely different reasons' person, mosly i'm sad at how little joanne really loved him, cos if she did he wouldn't be a stunted twelve year old

luna lovegood and her blank profile page, like, what do we REALLY know about her? i'll tell you what: NOTHING besides the fact that she's okay with being a fringe person and sees what others overlook, i need more for her THIS is the closest thing i've gotten to for her character building, fandom Y U NO WRITE MORE LUNA

harry potter is an idiot, i love this boy but really, he's an idiot. his emotional logic is all fucked up: he can't marry hermione, this goes back to how the trio is really built around ron not so much around harry. harry needs ron because he's the first person he latched on to emotionally, the first person that validated his existence so, yes, significant but everything there after (all boy stuff excluded... actually, maybe because of all the boy stuff included) harry's emotional decisions toward hermione were contingent on his relationship with ron, harry can't live without ron, harry can't afford to lose ron, harry can't afford to lose hermione so harry marries the next best thing, they all kind of settle for second best, if the war didn't happen my kids would have and i can't talk about it anymore cos it's raining on my face

harry can't marry ron so he marries ginny. he's a weasley, YAY!FAMILY! but uhm, ginny's not your favourite weasley she's just the weasley that you're allowed to fuck. what does that do for my girl? it places her in a state of servitude and takes away her agency. she becomes devoted wife, loving mother but what does this leave her in terms of being a person, a woman? she's a quidditch player (popularity) she's a fashionista (beauty) defined by these exhausted celebrity tropes, she's a trophy wife! SHE BECOMES A FUCKING TROPHY WIFE. ugh. gah. this grates me. forgotten is her understanding of what it means to be possessed, forgotten is the potential that her presence and knowledge could contribute to winning (after a year with tom she may have a bigger understanding of what makes him tick and or exploit a weakness yet unseen, i'm sure family played a big part in that) forgotten is her tenacity to reform and fight the war from within the limited constriction of hogwarts, when she marries harry she's reduced and i can't talk about it anymore cos it's raging on my face

tl;dr: the kids hide behind the 'normalcy' of life instead of owning the dirty bits *sigh*
Avid Beader: h/hr heartavidbeader on July 8th, 2011 01:27 pm (UTC)
Yes, iPods can be hooked up to car stereos in a variety of ways; I found that the cable method works best for clear sound. Bluetooh and antenna methods depend on clear or very not-clear radio signals.

I hear you, though. I had an iPod that I don't use anymore because I got an iPhone that would hold my music and I have a tiny iPod Shuffle that I only use for going to work out at the gym.

I'm just staying out of the way of Potter-mania. I mourned the death of the series years ago and I'm not at all caught up in this end-of-an-era thing. I'm just trying to respect my friends who still cherish the series in its entirety and are feeling it.
Sunny: HP noisesunny_serenity on July 8th, 2011 11:28 pm (UTC)
my bro has the antenna thing and it's okay except for when we're going through tunnels and the like. hard wire is best i suppose. and exactly, i just need it for like working out and plane rides.

ugh, i hate that i got so caught up in it. i KNEW i should've stayed away... i think it hits me really hard cos i didn't read the last book properly so i've not completely grieved... i'm more of a rager so... oh. gah. idekanymore... ~FEELINGS!
madderbradmadderbrad on July 11th, 2011 12:24 pm (UTC)
I mourned the death of the series years ago and I'm not at all caught up in this end-of-an-era thing.

I watched the premiere but was left rather cold by it all. Well, I wasn't anywhere close to bawling my eyes out. :-) Not even a little bit, not even by the end bit. It was interesting to watch though.

I posted my general feelings over on HarryHermione but, yeah, Rowling ruined the series so much I just can't view the adoring crowds with anything but shades of contempt. Why oh why do they let her get away with it? Sigh.
Sunny: HP evil never looked so goodsunny_serenity on July 12th, 2011 10:29 pm (UTC)
i was rather miffed for quite a few years when that travesty of a fifth movie came out and i completely boycotted everything potter from then until about six months ago when i was taken to DHP1 and ugh, i hate myself. so. much. for falling back into it double fold... such a creature of habit and comfort. i admire your attitude towards it and totally wish to attain that level of cynicism once more. i have a feeling with with the r/hr kiss and it's less than enthusiastic review i will be firmly planted in the donotwant camp once more. lol!