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i wish i had known in that first minute we met the unpayable debt that i owed you

Unlike A Sister by Michelle AD

have i pimped this already? it's a WIP. WAAAAAAAH??? I KNOW! i never participate in reading WIPs cos it leaves me bereft and wanting and feeling abandoned but hnnnnnnnnnnnnnnng YOU GUYS! this is so full of post-war angst and fluff and anticipationandsexinessandtensionandLONGING. Harry is full of longing without the typical man!pain tropes because this Harry is a mature and adult Harry with cognitive reasoning and maturity and rationality and jealousy. and he's grown up but now grown into who he is or is meant to be for himself but he isn't and it. is. frustrating. and evol and the slow disintegration of marriage and they're clinging on to what they feel is right because the kids are The Kids and they fall on their swords. every. single. time. (except for that part where they makeout with each other cos they can't help the pull) and shouldn't they? shouldn't they fall on their swords? it is what heroes do after all. it's what righteous heroes do. or maybe i've been listening to Ohbijou and Antlers a bit too much? yeah? maybe? maybe. slay me seven ways to eternity.
Tags: potter!verse: kiiiiiiiiiids, ready mcreaderson: fanfic, ready mcreaderson: potter!verse, ships ahoy!
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