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Dream a little dream of me

Wow, so like I had a REALLY weird SGA dream. My brain has a mind of it's own.

M'kay. So, there's like this little town, a one school room little town. A little town which is inhabited by ALL the SGA folk. I mean ALL of them down to Halling and Jinto, that Asian chick who's always in the background carrying crates and that weird dude with the face paint and skull cap from Childhood's End.

There apparently was a STORM. Dun dun dun. And like hail and wacky tornadoes (from reading Wicked methinkst, or cos it's hurricane season) and it hit the school. And who else but else works there? That's right Ms. Elizabeth Weir. She apparently is the ONLY teacher there and her assistant is OMG!SO!NOT!DED!GRODIN *huggles and luffs* So anyway they're all cleaning up around the school house and doing the community clean up thing. I'm witnessing this all in third person (or as Cadman) cos the pretty FORD is talking to me and Grodin. (How cool is that? I get the pretties from s1 *minisquee*)

Then Ford is all like, "Have you seen him moping around? Looks like someone killed his dog."

Grodin: "That's nothing. You should've seen him when that convict Stevens (OMG!MY!WRAITHY!MAN!MADE!IN!A!MENTION) escaped last year. He would patrol by every half-hour for 'safety concerns'."

MeasCadman: "Well, what'd you expect?"

Ford: "Serious? For him to flip, not mope around like that."

Grodin: "It's not like he can control the weather."

Ford: "If he could he'd probably find a way."

Then Carson came over... see, that's why I think I was Cadman, cos one, Carson kissed me and two, she was the only SGA character I didn't see *scratches head* (OMG!CARSON!KISSED!ME!)

MeasCadman: "How is everybody?"

Carson: "They're fine. Just a few scratches, and the children are a little shook up but Kate and Elizabeth will be with them til their parents arrive."

THEN my POV changes and we're with Halling, Jinto, Lorne and John cleaning up the little experimental garden the kiddies have growing. Halling is FRAKING TALL! He and John are putting the tool shed back up and John's throwing stuff around. Halling tries to ignore it but it gets on his nerves and he finally stops John and says:
"She is uninjured and alive. You must be grateful for that much."

John scowls a little, like 'HOWTHEEFF did you know what I was thinking?' Then says: "I know. I am. But..."

Halling then gives the comforting-man-pat-on-the-shoulder move. And John nods. He goes to Jinto and Lorne and helps them pick up the veggie debris and John walks over to the shovels and stuff and puts them back. But then one of the shovels (a spade shovel) falls on his head and he gets this HUGE gash above his right eyebrow and starts bleeding all over the place. But he doesn't make a noise or anything he just kinda "Sonova..." And throws it back down into the shed.

Unbeknownst to him Elizabeth just came out of the school house with Kate and the remainder of the kiddies waiting to be picked up. Then Kate looks at her and goes, "I got it." She gives that cheeky lil grin and escorts the children (the two lil kiddies who bugged Rodney in Childhood's End and the ones Ronon held in Inferno) to the waiting 'rents. Elizabeth nods and then walks over to John and then makes some crack about beating up her gardening equipment. John haha's her. She says: "Come on I have a first aid kit inside then we'll get Carson to see if you need stitching."

So he follows her trudging along and then I'm back at Cadman POV. Carson starts to leave to go check on him but then I stop him. "Wait, maybe they need this."

Carson: "Love, it'll only make things more complicated. I should go check."

But then in the background Aiden and Ronon and Grodin are fooling around with the left over tools and one of them makes that HOLYCRAPIJUSTBROKESOMETHING sound and I tell Carson: "Looks like you'll have to reschedule that appointment doc." Then he rolls his eyes and goes with me to check on them.

Then my POV changes again and we're in the school house. It's messy and all the desks are overturned with papers and school supplies all over the floor. Some of the windows are broken and the roof has collapsed. Some of the sun is shining through the gaping hole in it which casts this 'liek woah' lighting. Liz is scrounging around in a closet (hmm) for the first aid kit. Apparently that's where they all hid so it's REALLY messy in there too.

John's perched on her desk (huh) and has that impatient-I-really-don't-want-to-be-here look on his face and gets up to leave as she turns around and eyebrows him with kit in hand. So he sits and she starts wiping his wounds and stuff. She thanks him for the constant drills he ran with the kids and preparing them for such a situation saying "it went off without a hitch". He "no problem"s it and starts staring intently. (awww, teh eye!sex) She goes: "Stop."

Him: "What?"

Her: "Stop worrying. We're fine. No one got hurt."

He stops her by grabbing her hands and goes: "This time."

She goes: "I'm fine John. And you're the one that kept me that way."

She finishes dressing his gash and then starts cleaning up her supply when he stops her again. Now that he has her full attention he goes: "You could've died." And he starts pulling her closer to him one hand on her neck the other holding her hand.

Her: "I didn't."

Then they get all uber-angsty and like start making out and stuff and I'm going in my dream: Wow, I shouldn't be here. Why am I even IN this room? But the angst was totally palatable.

Then Rodney busts in and *ahems* them awkwardly and goes: "The sheriff is here." And hastily retreats back outside.

Elizabeth like gets ready to go outside but he stops her again.

"Why?" is all he asks. And then she gets all "I can't" and namegasms him while looking him in the eye.

Him: "He's my best friend too."

And dammit all cos she looks like she's about to cry.

She leaves and he's all head-hung-low-stuck-in-emotional-anguish-I-need-to-sing-a-Johnny-Cash-song angsty.

Then the POV switches to Cadman again seeing Elizabeth emerge from the schoolhouse putting on the fakeyfake face as the sheriff approaches. It's NOT Narim Simon, but Alex from Grey's Anatomy. (FRAKING!WEIRD!) Then he meets her half way and is all "Hey, got here as soon as I could. The highway is a mess. How are you?" And starts all chitchatting and being the good concerned significant other. Then John comes out of the schoolhouse all patched up and Carson starts to go over to him to see if he's alright. And John gets the green light that it's okay. He goes to talk to Alex and Liz like nothing happened. I shake my head and Teyla comes up to me and goes: "Love is not always so simple." Cadman: "At least for them it's not." Then she, Ford and I help Ronon up. John comes over and goes: "Time to get your husband home huh?" To which Teyla goes: "Yes. Unfortunately, it looks like Laura will be on patrol with someone other than Ronon for quite some time." John: "We'll figure out assignments later."

POV change to third person and he glances back to Liz and Alex walking back into the schoolhouse.

Then the fraking phone rang and woke me up! CRAP! I wanted to see where that was going. FRAKING WEIRD DREAM!

I should take cold medicine before nite-nite time more often.

ETA: Oh, and I saw Anasazi a few nites ago and hehe... I FORGOT Scully shot Mulder. That was fun and amusing and a very shippy episode.
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