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the bro meme

sureallis asked...

1. Looking at your interest list, what is your interest in 'nature's oddities'?

LOL! I put that on there??? I haven't updated that thing in years... um, you know, weird stuff like that vampire octopus or the platypus. A mammal that lays an egg. Seriously? WTF? On the meta scale, stuff that never happens. That 'what if' trajectory of one decision landing your present life in a completely different place by the smallest of things.

2. What is your favorite fandom right now?

My whole life I've never been included in anything nor have I wanted to. So I mostly tend to drift on my own when it comes to fandom but recently, within the last few years, I've connected to people in the Stargate verse and they are always awesome and consistent and supportive. More recently it's been folk in the 'black sheep' corner of the Potter fandom cos we ship wrong and don't live and breathe by Joanne's word. It's been brilliant and you know that feeling of OMG I BELONG SOMEWHERE?!?!?!?!? I HAVE A TRIBE???? That's a feeling that's been permeating my life and it's my fave right now.

3. What would your ideal date be like?

Lounging around watching good tv and getting into debates about the opposite and complimentary merits of what side we come down on. And then ice cream and making out.

4. Would you rather live 200 years in the past, or 200 years in the future?

Future. If I had to live in the nineteenth century with all their woman belongs in the kitchen ideologies, I would be a reference in Lizzie Borden's biography.

5. What is one thing you'd like me to know about you?

This actually has me stumped... I don't fear death. If it happens it happens. My mortality is something I've had to face since I was four. Maybe that's why I hold to the Be Nice Or Leave and Live and Let Live mentality. Life should be yours, so own it, and live it the way that makes you happy and fulfilled.
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