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my gateway drug. it is upon us.


Straight out the gate we have mopey dopey Harry because HE GAVE HIS FRIENDS HIS PHONE NUMBER SO THEY COULD CALL HIM!! OH! I remember how significant this is to a youngster because it fucking. is. OH. OH OHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOH! icant. And because of course this child can never ever ever have a modicum of happiness he must feel eternally alone.

But my kids OWN anyway with the sending of the birfday gifts. D'AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!! Ron's awesomely lame gift is awesomely lame and perfect because he is a boy and does not know how to tell his friend he likes him and hopes he is doing okay but tries anyway what with the botched phone call and everything and I just totally love Ronald Bilius Weasley and how he tries. He tries. AND! AND, AND OMG MY SHIP Y U SO ADORBS???? Harry's all: knowing Hermione it's heavy and rectangular so it must be a book. That awkward moment when the girl who is your friend knows you better than anybody else and gets you the most awesomely awesome gift you never even dreamed had an existence until she sends it by owl on your birthday even when she's on holidays in France with her family during the summer. KIIIIIIIIIIIDS. YOU SLAY ME.

Also, if there was such emphasis on Harry's temper and Ronald's temper why wasn't there any on Hermione's? She had an even bigger reason to get incensed at pretty much everything that ever happened to her in this verse yet we only get allowed Ron's or Harry's expressions to be expressed as a valid response to things. What is this? Granted it was justified in this instance because if anyone calls someone's mother a bitch and is insulting, get mad. Blow the fucker up as big as you like cos nobody is allowed to do that... unless it's true, but those cases are maybe fewer in this verse because Rowling was all about her story being her grieving process over her mummy and death, so. BUT WHAT ABOUT HERMIONE JOANNE? DO YOU EVEN LOVE HER? Cos sometimes it seems like you don't... what is that?

Also rife in this book: adolescent cockiness and dreaming big that you can change the world with the power in your hand... ah, youth and optimism. The Elder Weasley's arguing over whether Harry has the right to know about Sirius Black. Who, bee tee dub, is kind of totally more awesome in fandom and in the movies because of Gary Oldman. In the books he seems a bit... boring?

Anyway, back to the arrogance of youth. We're gonna be keeping score of REASONS I THOUGHT MY SHIP WOULD BE CANON. I love Harry's frustration over thinking himself not completely useless in this book. OBVIOUSLY he has faced Voldy thrice at this point and he's thinking I CAN DO THIS.

Hermione can get her I CAN DO THIS arrogance on too, what with the I KNOW THIS attitude and the determination to be GOOD at something is how she finds value. She's a bit of a showoff and turns her nose down at Trelawney's classes and teaching style. Similarly, Harry does also. Perhaps not as vocally as Hermione does but he loathes Snape and constantly thinks he can't learn anything from him. They both run headlong into their black and white areas of reasoning of what is right and wrong and stick to it adamantly daring anyone to prove them wrong and then conceding reluctantly when proven otherwise.

In converse to that, and most likely the biggest show of 'with age comes wisdom', McG may not agree with Sybil or Snape but suffers them with much patience as one would with a crazy old relative. Humouring them perhaps and, in regards to Trelawney, it may be a bit condescending but I think McG recognises the need for the woman to be present in Hogwarts and why it's safer that way. McG is also very shrewd when it comes to thing of the like. Another thing about McG: when Harry wants her to sign his permission form to attend the Hogsmeade day. Was it really pity she felt for him? Or was it more of a regret thing? Maybe a bit of both? I dunno. I just really want to read a fic where she adopted him. OBVS, since I talk about that in every single one of these kinds of posts...

Harry becomes very worried about perception in this book. Of course no one likes to get teased and this is that awkward tweeny angst phase of life so reputation is kind of about everything in the social ladder. This is what made Alfonso the perfect choice as a director for the film translation. HNNNNNNG! Can you imagine if he did OotP? CAN YOU? GAH! ALFONSO I LOVE YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!

Okay, I think I'm done for now... I have things I have to do. Bah.
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