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this has been a cultural service announcement

Okay, let’s get something straight about this ‘soul surfer’ movie, Bethany Hamilton caused her own shark attack.  The first rule of the ocean is Never Turn Your Back.  In Hawaiian culture there is more than one meaning to everything. Never Turn Your Back to the ocean means never physically turning your back but more importantly, underneath this tense, the deeper meaning requires you to respect the ocean and all that is in it.  Hawaiians made their living from the ocean.  An immense portion of their economy stemmed from working in harmony with nature.  This sport was made and meant only for Kings.  It was a recreational sport, yet more importantly, a spiritual connection to the Gods who created a cycle that sustains life.

What this girl’s actions caused was in direct opposition to the spirit and meaning of this code to live by.  One of the many known risks is sharing the ocean with sharks.  They are on patrol.  This is the time of day when they are at their peak.  They are hunting.  When this girl went on dawn patrol (surfing in the early morning hours) and decided to splash about and make noises in the early morning hours when sharks are ON. THE. PROWL. YOU WILL CAUSE ATTRACTION.  Anyone worth their salt that claims to be ‘Hawaiian’ would know this.  Anyone claiming to be respectful of the ocean and claiming to carry on the ‘spirit of the sport’ would know this.  Anyone saying they have triumphed over a hurdle with soul and mightiness would not have caused their own trial.  This girl is NOT Hawaiian.  Not in culture, not in mentality, nor in blood.  So please Hollywood, stop making martyrs out of every other dumb white chick who is in touch with their inner strength.  
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