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Potter Re-Read

hey kids, i have a Lauryn Hill concert tonight so you get this early. also, I STILL HAVEN'T FINISHED CoS! ugh this book is a chore... CAN I READ PRISONER OF AZKABAN ALREADY?? IT IS MY SECOND MOST FAVOURITE. So you'll probably get another one of these inane ramblings later on in the week... if i am not dead by then.

When the boys finally get to school and Snape busts them Harry is given the impression that he can READ MINDS!!! HELLO LITTLE SEED OF AN IDEA THAT BECAME A PLOT POINT AND CHARACTER TRAIT!!! You know sometimes I love Rowling sometimes I don't. YAY!IDEAS! BOO!EXECUTION! Such is life. *sigh*

I found fascinating Dumbledore's quiet disappointment in Harry's actions and rash decision to use the Anglia instead of owling. That hushed let down gives Harry more shame than one of bluster and air. The latter he'd be accustomed to, hello Vernon Dursley, so the former cuts deeper leaving an impression on the young boy's emotional development. On the converse of that McG is full of sarcasm and wit: 'I didn't think,' said Harry. 'That much is obvious.' - Minerva HBIC Animagus Witch of the Awesomeness McGonagall She's also, obviously fond of Harry. When he interrupts with house points shouldn't be deducted because of his behaviour (HOW MUCH DO I LOVE THE BOY WILLING TO OWN HIS CONSEQUENCE?!?!? OMG THIS BOY SOMETIMES! ILOVEHIMSFM) she almost smiles and feeds them because they missed the feast. D'AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!! I seriously need to find a fic where this woman adopts Harry and grooms him to be the bestest wizard that ever wizzed.

Also, I really thought it was sweet of Ron wanting to see Ginny get sorted. D'AAAAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!! THESE KIDS SOMETIMES!!! I also think Ron cares about Ginny much more than Percy does. Percy may be all about keeping up reputations and appearances but Ron just wants to know if she's doing okay... not that he's any good at taking care of her or noticing things but at least he's thinking of her.

Bee tee dub, Lockhart wants harmony between all magic and non-magic peoples. HARMONY.

I'm just being silly. Never mind this point. Moving along...

Colin is a stalker.

Mudblood. Book!Hermione has no idea and is clueless to what this means and seems nonchalant about this issue and the bigger ramifications it has upon her as a person in the wizarding world. With Movie!Hermione IT. IS. A. PILLAR. OF HER IDENTITY IN THIS WORLD. I may prefer Movie!Hermione in this respect. Movie!Wizarding!World is like fix it fic sometimes. I think the movies give Hermione a voice... maybe more of an opportunity to have a voice. IDK, I have to think this Hermione situation out s'more because I tend to put her on this pedestal for some reason... Why? I. do. not. know. but, to see her knocked off of it is FANTABULOUS and makes me love her even more especially if it highlights the cracks in her veneer/flaws/damage/whateverall because those kinds of characters are the kinds I love the most.

Fer instance, when the kids go to Nick's Death Day party and Moaning Myrtle is there Hermione is not very nice to her. She attempts to backpedal with 'it's kind of hard to pee when you have someone wailing next to you.' and again in OotP when she kind of insults Luna by succumbing to the use of a derogatory nickname for her. Also, there's shenanigans of cursing somebody in OotP but I totally don't remember that and am looking forward to see more of this kind of behaviour from her if only to have my view of her be shattered. Another fer instance: Hermione must persuade the boys to go ahead with the Polyjuice plan and this along with finding breaking the rules in OotP is exciting, convinces me that she'd totally have an affair.

Normally I see characters a bit clearer through the shipping lens (not just 'shipping' but how this character works, or doesn't, with this other character and why. what each individual brings to the table and allows to be used in relation to another being. all very fascinating to me), but with Hermione, she tends to get lost as an individual through my preference. I KNOW. I tend to only see her in relation to Harry, what she means to Harry, how everything of her is allowed to be devoted to Harry so her WHO and WHY tends to get pushed to the side even though I see them more as equals and partners. I DON'T KNOW WHAT THIS IS AND I MUST FIGURE THIS PUZZLE OUT. Mayhaps this contributes to why she is my favourite. I can't get a handle on her. Something else that contributes to this identity factor is the weak characterisation... or maybe the lack of consistent characterisation of this girl makes me go WHO IS THIS PERSON? Must. Know. More.

In a round about way, because this has turned into an all about 'how people fit together' post, The Trio and Why It Works. At this point when they decide they need more information about the Heir of Slytherin they become like detectives in a squad. Passion, curiosity, brains, heart and courage all come together and fit like the Lion, Tin Man and Scarecrow.

'Let me rip you... Let me tear you... Let me kill you...'

That is creeptastic! I think I might love it... This has been used in fic, yes? Somebody point me in that direction.

Fred and George would be fantastic spies. They should be. They have an entire cabinet of mischief devoted to them in Filch's office after all. They spy on the Slytherin Quidditch team, they spy on The Order, they spy on ghosts... They probably are the most awesome spies in somebody's Potter!war!time!fic. Lead me there too!

Speaking of ghosts. When Nick is not accepted to the Head Men Hunt and Harry is invited to the Death Day party what is the purpose of the ghosts in the Potter world? I mean besides the obvious narrative that Harry is comfortable with and a friend to Death.

Also along the line of ghosts: when Harry gets nabbed for wandering the halls and pulled into Filch's office (what a kinky bastard btw with wanting to use manacles and chains on students as punishment; he'd totally get off on that) and Nick is able to convince Peeves to drop the vanishing cabinet. VANISHING CABINET. HELLO, IDEA NUMBER TWO THAT BECAME A PLOT POINT AND DEVICE! I C WHUT U DID THAR JOANNE! Back to Filch, is his being a Squib supposed to garner sympathy for him? Because I just think he's a disgruntled old man and he's one of those people that will never find happiness or be happy. Damned if you do, damned if you don't.

Harry Potter and That Time He Thought He Was Going To Be Expelled. A drinking game.

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