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Potter Re-Read

Aaaand we're back! Oh lookit LJ has a new winter/springy header. Nice.

I've come to the conclusion that CoS is seriously NOT my favourite book and/or movie. *snore*

While hanging out at the Burrow the kids play Quidditch in the yard. I WANNA PLAY QUIDDITCH IN THE YARD. Most striking and a 'blink and you'll miss it' moment about this portion to me is the characterisation of George. He seems to be the quintessential older brother here. He's worried about affording Ginny's new robes and wand and books etc. Even in PS he was the first to assure Ginny that they would write to her every week and send her a toilet seat cover. I may be grasping at straws here but LOOKIT a wee bit of character continuity.

We get to Diagon Alley and we STILL DON'T KNOW HERMIONE'S PARENTS NAMES!!! WHAT ARE THEIR NAMES GUYS?!?! I've seen everything from Jane and Roger to Miranda and Jake. I like Miranda and Jake the best. Seems like they'd be a Miranda and Jake. They'd name Hermione Jane Granger in a subtle homage to either of their literary favourite people/characters.

Now for the cynical portion of my reading. AN HOUR UNSUPERVISED THROUGH DIAGON ALLEY. AN. HOUR. OF THREE TWELVE YEAR OLDS. UN. SUPER. VISED. IN. DIAGON. ALLEY. W. T. F. I don't care in what side of the wizarding world you live in that's just DOING IT WRONG. FFS. *headdesk* I wasn't allowed to go anywhere unsupervised until I was at the very least sixteen. Just. WHAT?! IDONTGETIT. ICANTEVEN.

OH! and then Harry gives Ginny all his gifted books from Lockhart. Newsflash: this does not equate ENDGAME. Harry's just being Harry but no, we'll take this as a grand gesture of TRU WUUUUUUUUUUUUV!!! *FAWNS* icanteven.


And Arthur and Lucy have a tussle in the store! Why this character trait did not translate to film I will never know... however, I am not surprised. It does however explain why the Weasley children have tempers.

That combined with Molly's Mollyness in parenting I'm surprised the Weasley kids aren't more fucked in the head than they are... you know what? They most likely are and I am more than sure that there is fic out there addressing this problematic story telling. Way to let things fall by the wayside Joanne.

Hagrid has to break it up! LOL! OF COURSE. And what with all the 'bad blood' talk and 'not a Malfoy worth listening to' etc just kind of perpetuates the cycle of prejudice and assumptions. Also, why make the Granger's so full of mousiness and feeling all helpless? THEY ARE SCARED OF EVERYTHING MAGIC. I like to think that Hermione's dad is probably not as wimpy as is implied here but whatever... far be it from me to expect glimpses of substance in a place holder character. BOO.

Last supper of summer. AH, the golden summer at the Burrow. Here Harry shows a bit of jealousy towards Ron. Ron has the life that he can only dream of. Family, food, friends, love. More importantly, it also illustrates what makes their bromance tick. They both adore each other for what the other possesses. Ron wants recognition. Harry wants love. They complete that for the other. Honestly, someone with better words spiel on this bromance because it should be talked about more and I can't for the life of me come up with them.

Back to the last supper of the summer: Was this made specifically for Harry or did it just happen to be all of his favourites because the boy was starved for the first eleven years of his life? I wouldn't put it past Molly Weasley to fawn upon this boy because her private logic in things does not equate with mine soooooo... make of that what you will. But. WHERE DOES THE CONJURED FOOD COME FROM? This is important information to have. It can't just come from thin air. IT HAS TO HAVE SOME KIND OF SUBSTANCE otherwise we have a lost boys feast for every damn wizard meal. Shit, no wonder they're all skinny THEY'RE EATING AIIIIIIIIIIR!!! ...but, the food from Hogwarts comes from the elves right? SO. Where does the conjured food at other places come from? Obviously not every house has an elf and the Weasley's most definitely do not have that. Is that what the Weasley garden is for? Is Molly the most efficient and awesome at everything witch??? Furthermore, Molly continues with the condescending of Muggles as they load the kids up in the Anglia the next day. 'Muggles do know more than we give them credit for, don't they? I mean you'd never know it was this roomy from the outside would you?'

Wow, this was just one big complaint riot. Sorry, I'm in a less than favourable mood.

Anyway, DISCUSS!
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