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Potter Re-Read

RESUMED! Sorry it's been so long. Life, has been busy what with visiting relatives and tsunamis... Anyway. Forward.

Chamber of Secrets is slowly becoming my least favourite book. It might be because of Molly Weasley. IDEK.

DOBBY and birthdays and disasters oh my! Harry learns a lot from creatures in this verse. From Hedwig he learns comfort and companionship. From Hagrid he learns friendship and laughter. From Dobby he learns equality and patience. Majority of his life he's been treated like Dobby has. A slave. A second class citizen. Less than. Maybe Harry doesn't have the capacity to see that he and Dobby are essentially on the same level but he does get the sense that someone always has it worse than you. His sense of justice immediately kicks in as he offers Dobby help, to which, he is embarrassed when lavished with praise and awe by the elf. When Dobby starts implying that Harry must be at the top of his year the boy automatically thinks of Hermione.

But he quickly stopped because thinking about Hermione was painful.

And yes, it's because the boy is hurting at his isolation from his friends during the whole of the summer and he misses Ron equally but C'MON JOANNE! Y U WRITE THAT?!?!?! It makes my shippy heart all a flutter when Hermione is the first thing on his mind and this IS NOT THE ONLY TIME IT HAPPENS!

Flattery really gets nowhere with Potter. I love this boy. He still refuses to give up Hogwarts and in a small way that speaks to Harry's character. Yes, it's something that he loves and can have, so, a measure of selfishness is playing a part in this but in the overall picture I think it more importantly illustrates the boy's integrity. He doesn't give in to demands. He doesn't relinquish what he wants. He holds on to it.

I also think Harry probably has an impossible neat freak/OCD/cleaning complex. OR he could be the complete opposite of that and develop into a hoarder what with being placed behind barred windows and a cat door for food with one bathroom break per 12 hours. Gah, that's worse than prison. PRISONERS HAVE TOILETS IN THEIR CELLS. Holy crap address these issues please? The boy probably has crazy physiological NOT to mention the psychological and emotional problems because of this treatment. Shit. This is why I excuse the boy from not catching on to things quickly and being rash in almost all his decisions because LOOK AT THE WAY HE WAS RAISED. IN. A. CUPBOARD. Yet. YET. through all of this he still thinks of others. He gives Hedwig his food as he only sips broth for his one meal. Break. My. Fucking. Heart. Guys... *sigh*

This is why Marcus Mumford is the poet to my Harry Potter loving soul: there will come a time with no more tears and love will not break your heart but dismiss your fears get over you hill and see what you find there with grace in your heart ;_;

Not to fret. THERE ARE RESCUE TIEMS!!! Oh my boys! If I were Molly Weasley I'd be proud of my boys for coming to a friend in their time of need. Oh sure, you'd be punished for not consulting adults in the matter but if I were Molly Weasley I would have loved my kids differently from her. They could come to me for help, not having to sneak around to do what is right. I'd drive the damn car over to Privet Drive myself. Her preferential treatment, favourtism and comparative criticism placed amongst her children drive me bonkers. What, exactly, is so fucking necessary about this feminine trope being in this narrative? Honesly? It reminds me of my Grandmothers, both of whom I do not have any sort of fondness or affection for because of the fuckery they put my parents through with similar if not exactly the same kinds of parenting tools Molly Weasley did. Just. NO.

But, back to the boys. Fred and George are AMAZING to see the value of doing some things the Muggle way even if it is a bit slooooooow. Yay for learning how to pick locks. Oh you curious boys. This is the sort of stuff you encourage in your children while helping them to find a balance and their limit. IT CAN BE DONE! *is living proof*

In a way Molly's anti-Muggle stance directly contributes to the attitudes that Voldemort encourages. WHAT? Yes. Now, I'm not saying Molly is EVIL or even anywhere near Voldemort's level of hatred but, when people are accustomed to thinking a certain way about certain things and have those thoughts so entrenched, with no room for acceptance or flexibility, where is the acceptance?

For example: Is the degnoming of the garden a brutalisation minimised by humour? Harry, at first, is appalled by this treatment of a living creature but he then quickly becomes desensitised to it. Once again the allotment of ignorance is what leads to hatred, racism, bigotry, prejudice and all those wonderfully despicable traits I loathe. Hermione's solution? Ask them to leave nicely or create some kind of community for them, some sort of cooperation and understanding would take place no matter how difficult the approach to bridge a gap may be. A solution for all to live in peace and equality would need to be found. (and this is why i love this girl)

Sure, you can tolerate behaviours and beliefs others have, but that's not the same as acceptance. You can tolerate someone/thing you HATE but you will never bring yourself to the point of love if at first you don't change your way of thinking. Choose to see things from their point of view. Granted there's still a little bit of subjection going on but have you tried to be objective? Hate starts with an idea and that idea is perpetuated through others attitudes. How else do you explain Hitler, Pol Pot or even more recently Gaddafi? You may not directly support them, but tolerating their regime and allowing their ideals to fester through the social consciousness makes you no less accountable.

Marcus Mumford: lend me your hand and we'll conquer them all... lend me your eyes I can change what you see but your soul you must keep totally free

Then on the converse of that we have Arthur Weasley who's a Muggle-lovin' wizard. 'They'll go to any lengths to ignore magic even if it's staring them in the face.' Loopholes and Arthur Weasley and Hermione Granger and Weasley twins. They're a slippery bunch. There would be no need for loopholes if things were fair and equal.

Ron showing Harry his room I think is the cement of their relationship. Ron is finally accepted by someone with no pre-existing expectation. He's ashamed of his small little room which I find sad. Your room should be a source of pride because you can clearly have an expression of self in that environment. Just MOLLY WEASLEY WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO YOUR CHILDREN?!?! UGH. The fact that Harry tells him it's the most brilliant house he's ever been in gives Ron a 'hey, don't worry, you're cool' validation.

In exchange though I can see why Harry falls in love with the entire family. The Weasley's give him esteem and pride. They value him as a person not just a hero. However, using this as a validation for OBHWF as endgame?

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