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i wear him like a habit in the lining of my jacket

ew, i'm sick, currently dress like crazy homeless cat lady AND i am being reminded that yes, i am a girl. thank you nature. how awesome is my life right now? [/sarcasm]

libya is having a revolution. where is the press coverage on that? instead we have jason beaver, a little boy that should not be asked opinions on things he cannot comprehend. yeah. way to sort your priorities america. *thumbs up* [/sarcasm]

i have no idea what's going on in teevee land anymore and i kind of don't care. i know! 'cept for the fact that logan totally lurves kalinda who is totally married! WTF?! c'mon, you didn't see that one coming? i still watch himym though and robin stop hooking barney up with other women already? why did you fumble that so badly carter/bays? why?! maybe i should stop watching it...

casually have i viewed tbbt. adding more females as regulars to the cast has kept me on the hook. well, that and sheldon. but i don't really pay attention anymore. *sigh*


i have been reading a lot more. sometimes the book is better. maybe that's why ocular minutia has not held my attention. unless it's on tumblr but i don't watch skins, so. cos i've disowned most of my relatives, the universe saw fit to put me into contact a slew of older people in my life at this moment all of which are attempting to preach to me the benefits of 'going to college' while i'm still young. to be honest, i was thinking of going back to school but then i had that class requirement work the first made me go to and was totally reminded of why i didn't choose that path. i mean, yeah sure, there are tonnes of things to learn at uni and many many connections to be made through life experiences but honestly, while i was IN school all i wanted to do was get out. i did that through accelerated courses and summer school. i don't learn very well in those kinds of settings. so yay! if you can get through school and stuff but i know it's not for me thankyouverymuch universe. besides, laregan said that my kind of psychosis didn't need to be unleashed onto the world at large if i were anymore educated.

so, you're welcome.

wow, that was like a real entry. o.O
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