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discussion the second

discussion the first

Sorry this is late guys. ladysophiekitty isn't feeling well and I've been busy with work but here goes.

Presumptions and assuming things is a common plot device in Potter verse which, is something I think the narrative could not work without because that's how Rowling constructed it. I could take issue with that, but I don't have the brain power to dissect why that bugs me right now. Anyway. Drawing incorrect conclusions on Harry's part could be another survival tactic depending on the circumstance. You either move and get out of the way or you don't and get hit. Assessing situations quickly is a must.

Also, how does Harry know so much about horses? Is there a holiday that he once went on? Unlikely. Was there a programme he got to watch on the telly either when Dudley wasn't looking or while spending a few hours at Mrs. Figgs? Maybe. Or maybe he read it in a book one day? Probably.

First flying lessons:

...she totally bends the rules for him and holy shit her sense of competition is supreme! That makes me love her. The competish part, not the bending the rules thing. Meanwhile, running Potter around the corridors until she found Oliver makes Harry think he's gonna get expelled. HOW MANY TIMES IN THIS BOOK DOES THIS KID THINK HE'S GONNA GET THE KICKED OUT?! Answer: a lot. Anyway.

And I have notes here about Hermione giving him something to think about. The trapdoor? Why it's there and how to get it? I guess? IDEK. I'm tired guys. Sorry. Somebody with more brains at the moment explain this to me, but add that one to the column of WHY I THOUGHT H/HR WAS GOING TO BE ENDGAME.

In other not so pleasant parts: Ron and Harry seeking revenge against Malfoy. All they really wanted now was a way of getting back at Malfoy. What exactly are you trying to say here? Use those icky feelings for a deadly game of competitive sport? Or are you just trying to tell us how petty these boys can be? I'm going with the latter because I love my heroes with a little bit of flaw. It makes them easier to relate to as humans. I see myself in that. Petty feelings of hurt and betrayal. We all have that. What we do with them is what counts right?

Please don't take this next part as bashing. I'm just really trying to understand exactly how R/Hr works/appeals for/to people. I'm not asking you to defend your ship, this is me attempting to see things from the other side.

'She's a nightmare, honestly.'

Okay, we all say things we don't dare in other people's presence and that is no more so true than when you're an eleven year old kid. And how. Those are pretty biting remarks and completely insensitive that even Harry comments on it. "I think she heard you." That kid knows what it's like to have horrible things said about you and that was TO HIS FACE. Yet another point we'll stick in the WHY I THOUGHT H/HR WAS GOING TO BE ENDGAME column. Childhood meanness? Sure. However, later Ron does feel bad for saying mean things if Rowling's descriptions of him feeling "uncomfortable" and "awkward" around Hermione are any indication but it seems like he's more regretful of being caught out saying those things instead of genuine remorse. I say that because The Halloween Troll incident follows and Ron is all "'Oh, alright,' he snapped.". Soooo, um, he was gonna just LEAVE HERMIONE AT THE MERCY OF THE TROLL?!?! HONESTLY, RONALD. As opposed to Harry's MUST SAVE PERSON attitude. *PUTS ON HERO CAPE* So that would be a third point in my WHY I THOUGHT H/HR WAS GOING TO BE ENDGAME tally.

But then we had very awkward "Thanks." all around the trio cos that was really awesomesauce how they took down a FUCKING TROLL without much knowledge about the Dark Arts AND stuck their respective necks out for one another. Oh, these fucking kids. I LOVE YOU SO DAMN MUCH. TRIO OF AWESOMENESS SOLIDIFIES!

QUIDDITCH! It is awesome. I am excite!

The Mirror of Erised. ALL MY CREYS. YOU GUYS. 'It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live.' OH. Seriously.

ICANTEVEN, so I will talk about Dumbledore's desire for woolen socks and Harry's suspicions on that answer. It's quite the indication of how their future relationship is going to work. Dumbledore doesn't ever fully answer any of Harry's curiosities but satisfies them long enough to direct him onto another train of thought. He does however give Harry validation in that Harry IS being heard, which, must be a phenomena Harry is unfamiliar with so he doesn't push it being amazed that anyone is treating him as a person in the first place. SO. Dumbledore guides him to answers without directly answering him. It allows Harry dignity whilst also grooming Harry's cognitive thinking. The Master Wizard honing and sharpening the young boy's powers of perception. THAT, makes Dumbledore great IMO. Yet, I can see the cogs that are probably ticking in Dumbledore's mind about how this affects the greater outcome of the wizarding world. Is it wrong of him to start to pin the hopes of an entire society on the scrawny abused shoulders of an orphan boy? Probably. Does he, as an adult, attempt to bear most of that burden himself saving this boy? Sure he does but we don't know that because this is Harry's story.

Another part of this book that completely sold me on this verse was the epic bromantic moment between Ron & Harry. Ron voices his concern over the mirror and shows real concern for Harry's emotional state. D'AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW! GUYS! EPIC BROMANCE IS EPIC AND BROMANTIC!!!!

While we're on this note of bromance can we talk about Neville? NEVILLE I LOVE YOU!!! He gets leg locked by Malfoy and the Hermione & Neville friendship is totally awesome because they were/are both teased a lot in school and they have this 'us freaks gotta stick together' vibe. D'awwwwwwwwwwwww!!! What is a bromance between a boy and girl called? I could call it friendship but that word seems to small for it. Add to this part the confidence that Ron instills in Neville, 'You're worth twelve of Malfoy.' and then they proceed to get into fisticuffs with Malfoy, Crabbe & Goyle at the next Quidditch match. BROMANCE IS FUCKING AWESOME AND IT MAKES ME FEEL LIKE THIS:

Thus endeth my rambling. Your turn.
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