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guys, i need happy

Seriously. Happy happies of happiness and by that I mean THE most depressingly, cruel, gut wrenching, rip out my innards through my belly button with no remorse H/Hr fic you can rec for me because I'm hoping depressing fics will cancel out the depressing feelings of I WILL NEVER GET A HAPPY ENDING WITH MY KIDS BECAUSE JOANNE WANTS TO HURT MY HEART AND BREAK IT INTO A THOUSAND LITTLE SHARDS AND THEN GRIND THEM INTO POWDER IN HER MORTAR AND PESTO SO SHE CAN SEASON ALL OF HER FOOD WITH MY HOPES AND DREAMS.

So much for this really brilliant idea of reading HAPPY H/Hr fic thinking I would be all sunshine and rainbows and unicorn cupcakes but NO. I am so FUCKING DEPRESSED RIGHT NOW.


Tags: potter!verse: kiiiiiiiiiids
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