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If I don't respond to you guys over here it's because LJ is being a douche and not sending me notification that PEOPLE ARE TALKING TO MEEEEEEEEEE! When I finally do get them it's like AGES after the fact. WTF? Get ur shit together LJ.

So, regular update is as follows:

THE KITTEH! omg. i. am. in. love. she's so freaking cute you guys. and oh so very clever! i have a clever black cat made of awesomeness and smartness and cuteness and rambunctiousness and beautifulness marvelous wonder.

THE WORK. oi. some times i really hate my job. they're making me do a class WHICH I'VE ALREADY DONE but my certification expired so they want me to do it again. um, the first time you didn't give me a chance to use the certificate BEFORE it expired so why would i want to do it again? WHY?! they say it's mandatory yet my co-workers on another team don't have to do it... um, SO THEN IT'S NOT REQUIRED YOU JACKASSES! ...this is what happens when you work for the government. double standards GALORE. FUCKYOUVERYMUCH.

THE OTHER WORK. so much fun! i have recently acquired Ballet Shoes for THREE DORRARS! THREEEEEE. from the store + employee discount it's like a freaking penny, so YAY! i watched it with the fam and at a particular scene in the movie when The Watson is being a petulant diva The Mother, who doesn't do anything Potter, screams at the teevee: 'God Hermione why are you being such a witch?!'

The Bro & I:

Oh and lookit this pretty made by stephhr over on tumblr. I updated my profile:

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