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Mostly because I am a lazy bum who likes to waste time on tumblr look at pretty things instead of actuating my mind with the written word, my re-read of the Potter series is not going as well as I expected. I'm more of a fanfic reading communal reader type of person. I need peer pressure to make seriously pick up a book.

Enter ladysophiekitty, who has already read like a gajillion books and it's only the twenty fifth day of the first month of the new year. o_____O How come I don't have that kind of aspiration? (*see first sentence of this post) She's doing a re-read of the Potter verse too! YAY!

One book a month.

Weekly post on your thoughts and ~feeeeeeelings.

It may be decidedly H/Hr slanted because of who we are. Also, because of who we are, we were thinking we go AU after the fifth book with really long awesome sixth and seventh year stories. I've read HP & the Eye of the Storm but that's been (sadly) abandoned. Anybody know of any?

I figure it'll give us stuff to do before the 15th of July. Y'all wanna participate?
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