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having a convo on Sam's journal about Harry/Ginny and i recognised it'd get ranty and unpleasant so i'm putting it here cos those kinds of things should be owned. this is not really about H/G ship but more about how it was treated in canon (i also have fanon issues but that's something else entirely) and why i don't like it based on principle. i'm not trying to bash the ship or characters, this is more like airing frustration and rage over poor writing. i also really need a Women of Potter Re-Affirmation because anyone not named Hermione or Minerva got shafted. yeah, that's a sexist remark for a reason (see, ranty and bitter).

Mind you, I did not read anything after OotP properly nor have I retained much from it because I read those ages ago and only recently got my hands on some of the books. My brain, it has rust.

Ginny as a character in an of herself I. LOVE. Starting from the beginning she's the cutesy hero-worshiping girl and that's fine, for that period in time. Then CoS rolls around AND SHE WAS POSSESSED BY TOM FUCKING RIDDLE AND SURVIVED. Shit. How can I not love that? She comes through that, in her first year mind you, of school and gets real. Buuuut, we never really get to see this because Jo fails her women. I construct for myself this girl who is bamfy. Bad ass. Fierce. Strong. This girl who recognises quickly how scary the world really is and gets down with getting shit done because she's SEEN and FELT what Voldemort's true intentions are and knows it must be stopped. She's willing to stand because it's right. Yet, as I will always lament, WE NEVER GET TO SEE THIS FULL FORM. Here, at their very disposal is this girl who knows the inner workings of The Villain and is tucked away, disregarded. SHE'S LIKE YOUR BIGGEST FREAKING ASSET IN THIS DAMN WAR. TAKE NOTICE!

She knows Harry plays a big role in the final outcome of Voldemort's defeat, this is a contributory factor to my hero worship issue, but he fucking saved her life. She should be grateful. I understand this. I do not like when this serves as an entire basis of Tru Wuv. Just. NO. What? There has to be more than that. More than being indebted to the person who saved your life and who's poster you've had on your wall since you were nine and talk to it every night before you turn in about how hard your life is and no one understands you because you are the only girl in a family of boys... Now, I'm not too savvy with book canon but this scenario doesn't seem that unlikely to me coming from a movie canon standpoint. That's all we ever get to see on screen. Ginny being shy and reserved in Harry's presence and then all moony-eyed over Harry later. She isn't allowed to see Harry beyond the titles he's garnered over the years. We get little to no interactions that could contribute to building a solid foundation of ship possibly because she's never allowed to have a conversation with Harry outside the presence of The Trio. However, when they are alone it's awkward and forced. I understand being smitten with someone and not finding the right words to say because hello, nervous, but Ginny/Harry conversations and moments of connection are handled with such a heavy hand of authorial manipulations. I like it when I don't see the man behind the curtain pulling the levers and blowing smoke up my ass thankyouverymuch.

On to Harry's side. I have issue with how Ginny was treated as an object to attain instead of a person to share a life with. In JKR's attempt to create 'romance' all we have is evidence of sexual urges. Ginny's gorgeous. Ginny's lips. Ginny's hair. Ginny's smile. Ginny's skin. Yes, you are a dumb boy and that should be part of it, but Ginny never means anything more to Harry than an object of desire or distraction. He's too busy with um, fighting a damn war and trying not to die. That whole biggest asset in this war thing? THAT could have been a bit of the foundation for them being a ship that I could get on. They have a commonality that NO ONE ELSE shares. Harry shares relationships with other kindred spirits (Luna, Neville, Dumbledore) but none of them know the depth of mania in Voldemort. Ginny. Does. It is something not even Ron or Hermione can understand. And while it may be a fucked up bit of bonding, you cannot deny the importance of being understood, of finding empathy. Part of the human condition is finding that person who gets it. You don't have to explain. You look across the room and see in their eyes that something is off or something is great. I don't get any of that with how this ship was constructed. I do however, totally get that with Neville/Ginny or Harry/Hermione or hell, even Harry/Luna.

Okay, I'm done. My feelings. You have them.
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