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this post has a lot of feelings

* Reply to this post with ICON ME! and I will pick five of your icons.
* Make a post (including this info) and talk about the icons I chose.
* Other people can then comment to you and make their own posts.
* This will create a never ending cycle of icon glee :)

neverpretend chose:

M'kay. This? I have so many freaking feelings about. It is my most favouritest icon of them ever. It took me a while to try and put this into words without capslocking and flail so if that happens, you have been warned. When I first saw this I thought: 'huh, what a neat manip cos there's no way they'd be standing that close to each other in canon. Like, ever! Oh and lookit how the maker was able to create a believable shadow across Hermione's face. I LIKE. *save to computer & use promptly*' Then, a few months later, I saw GoF and totally freaking FLIPPED OUT that it was not a manip. Major noodle wrists ensued:

This. Scene. Just. GUH. I think it's not even a conscious thing that they did it, I think, but when Lucy approaches them Harry makes this move to PHYSICALLY put himself between the Malfoy's and Hermione to get her away from them, I can't even. GAH! KIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIDS! DO THEY EVEN KNOW THEY LOVE EACH OTHER THAT MUCH?! DO THEY?! Added to that, I really like the subtle radial blur on the edges of this because it encompasses them in their own little world (which I think happens A LOT between these two whether intentional or not) and the warm colours give me all kinds of Glósóli (by Sigur Rós here, you can has a copy) feelings. This song is possibly my ultimate theme for Harry/Hermione because it's all about waking from a horrible dream and there, in the dawning light, is this one man's warmth, the glowing sun. A sun that rises and infuses this man, in his bleakest moment, with hope and he realises it is not there off in the distance casting light into his darkness, but here, with him. At his side. And it gives me all kinds of 'so it could have gone that way' ~feelings and and and and... that awkward moment when a relationship between two fictional characters gives you a physical ache? Is this icon and song and moment and story and ship and guys, it totally makes me cry. Seriously. LYRICS.
Thank you to yam for gracing the internet with this brilliance.

~ * ~

by aliasledger
JULIET. I entered the world of Lost through this woman. My first ep, was her first ep. My ship, was her ship. My love, was her love. Her loyalty, was my loyalty. Her survival, was my survival. Her complicated story of disaster and hope and struggle to find peace and a home made her an instant fave. A flawed heroine. A woman striving to live. And in this moment, you do. not. mess. with. her.

~ * ~

by shmyshmy
Bella is my favourite baddie, as you can tell by my Day 22 of the 30 Days of Potter meme. She is fucked. No other way to put that into words. For me, in many ways Bella is the Yin to the Yang that is Hermione. If you strip away all the crazy and deluded ideals that make up Bellatrix Lestrange she is a brilliant witch. She is inventive, driven, smart. She has a belief system ingrained as part her very essence. A belief system that you cannot sway her from. She likes breaking rules and makes no apologies for doing so if it furthers her belief and gets her what she needs/wants/desires. She is what Hermione could be if different choices were made. If Hermione was not innately good and righteous. I think that twistedness is represented in the angle used and how she seems to be coming out of the dark part of the icon. Gorgeous.

~ * ~

by glimmeringlight
Aw. I love these two. I first saw CM when surfing and saw these two sweeping a house with efficiency and prettiness. Then there were snarky remarks about a whip as they searched a suspects closet and I was all: PARTNER!LOVE! Funny. Hot. Flirty. Sexy. Serious. Playful. Supportive. They hit all the marks and this icon kinda represents that. I also tend to like icons full of space. Plus, it's like a B+W photograph which was one of my fave subjects in school.

~ * ~

by somebody who is not on lj anymore... i think, cos the credit doesn't show up
Juno. It's the shit eating smile she gives the lady in the office but taken out of context it is full of silent glee. I use it for both. Versatility. I likes.
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