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you were always good at putting words together

My love is effusive. Everyone is all SHUTUPABOUTHARRYPOTTERALREADY! ...and by everyone I mean The Bro.

His Words: I get it. I agree with you. You don't have to convince me of this...

Me: I know but I have no one to talk to about these FEELINGS!


Me: I just have a lot of them...

His Words: Okay, go home.

I listen to this song differently now. THANKS A LOT POTTER!

Loud; Matt Nathanson & Ingrid Michaelson

30 Days of Harry Potter

Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
Day 5
Day 6
Day 7
Day 8
Day 9
Day 10
Day 11
Day 12
Day 13
Day 14
Day 15
Day 16
Day 17
Day 18

19. A favorite fanart
I was so tempted to post all of the things I have saved on my HD but I'll let you discover, or re-discover if you're already familiar with these artists, on your own. Just a little taste...

My first ever fanart piece was this: joke. I wasn't even looking for H/Hr stuff I just typed in 'Harry Potter drawings' and BAM! And pretty much everything else she does is guh. My only nitpick is that the hair is always the same but I can't draw so what the hell do I know?

Marauders Club:

Trio goodness:

Stefy's flickr


Then I found this persons awesomely woman things. Class, this is Bellatrix LeStrange:

Kids, meet Hermione Granger:

...also, she's got lots of slash & Malfoy stuff if you are so persuaded. fya-shellk's deviantart


missalee recently turned me on to napalmnacey's stuff:

napalmnacey's deviantart


Wonderfully understated ambient shapes:

Sharpfish's HP gallery


Trio goodness:

H/Hr goodness:

yethro's deviantart

20. A favorite quote
21. How has the HP fandom connected you to other fandoms, interests, or people?
22. Your favorite villain
23. Share some HP icons
24. Rant about Steve Kloves something
25. Song that reminds you of HP
26. What aspect of the books has been best translated to film?
27. What aspect of the books has been most poorly translated to film?
28. Hogwarts subject you would most like to take
29. Favorite location
30. Whatever tickles your fancy
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