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*i apologise to all my R/Hr friends (please don't hate me) but i can't help it... i am overwhelmed by ~feelings for this damn movie and ship and... just, IAMSOSORRYIFYOUARETIREDOFHEARINGME but i haven't been this deep into fandom since SGA and i forgot how gloriously painful it can be and i am up waaaaaay past my bedtime because of these damn kids. feel free to skip this.

Gah. Guys. I have to fooking watch this movie again. Because. Now there is analysis of the 'sister' line and Harry's POV of R/Hr as considered in book!canon but also Hermione's OOC-ness in HBP and the sacrifice of H/Hr friendship obviously pushed aside to make room for... other things to take place. Read it HERE

The following consists of other peoples words:

I see the potential of this scene, the amazingness, as a purely platonic scene. i do. but i do have some more delusional thoughts about it.

the dance is Harry trying to be there for Hermione, to lift her up, even though he isnt sure how to go about it. he’s upset. he’s grateful. he’s sorry. and in the end, it’s there, the awareness. of the “what if”. and he makes an offer, he insinuates, the question. he lays it out there, his willingness to try, to take the plunge. but she walks away. she hesitates, she sighs (maybe regrets), but she turns away.

why must these kids be all about doing what they should and not what they want? why must their life philosophies be all about loyalty, friendship and honour? oh why?

I have so many shippy thoughts towards this particular scene. When the song had finally ended, I thought that Harry had, finally after seven years, realized that he was truly in love with Hermione because she had always been the one who never left his side. He was ready to risk it all: his friendship with Hermione, his friendship for Ron, and his ”relationship” with Ginny. He wanted to know that even in the slightest possibility, that Hermione loved him too. That, finally, he could feel like he was loved because he was just Harry and not the “Boy Who Lived”. When Hermione turned away, I thought that maybe she realized that Harry had only danced with her so as to make her feel better. A sad realization dawned to her that his heart still belonged to Ginny. So she turned away, leaving Harry with depressed eyes, knowing that she would never be his.

Just saying.

i always saw this scene as Harry reaching out, and Hermione declining; seeing the silent question, but choosing to walk away. cuz she had to. but after reading all the comments, i can see how it can be Hermione waiting for Harry to do something, to make a move, to show that this isn’t just him trying to make her feel better, it’s more. I really think had Harry kissed her in this moment, she would’nt have responded negatively. Maybe the regret, the weight, I see on her face, is cuz Harry didn’t do anything. and she wanted him to.

This, actually could’ve been the moment where it dawns on this boy that he loved her. that she was the one. it could’ve happened and it would’ve been convincing. right.

These comments are making me cry…

And also realize that you can write a freaking essay on this scene alone.

This is a credit to how fabulous these two are in this film, everything about this moment is just brilliant. I could spend hours analyzing this. The way she just STARES and stares at him, looks away oh so slightly, removing eye contact but still looking at him and then the sharp turn as if she’s reminding herself why they can’t do this, why she can’t give in, why she has to walk away, and the the blink and the way his shoulders go slightly down, ah, it’s so subtle and nuanced and when you see it it’s just guh! And she has to walk away because he can’t, not now, not in this moment and she’s trying so hard to remind herself why they can’t do this and ahfjkdhfsk! THESE TWO. And this is him asking her and she wants to but she can’t. And then the throwback to this scene when they’re in the forest and Hermione asks him to stay and he’s SILENT and doesn’t say a single word but stares at the snow while her eyes bore into him and he doesn’t say anything because he knows what she’s asking her and this time it’s him that has to walk away. And they’re too damn noble and good for their own good. But the tragedy gets me, because it’s beautiful and perfect and these two. I find the Harry —-> Hermione moments even more intense because we’re constantly in his head and it’s easy to do Hermione-has-been-in-love-with-her-best-friend, but this is Harry and it’s like he finally gets it, realizes she’s the one, the one person who never left him, never turned her back and the way he stares at her in this whole scene is like he’s seeing a new person, finally understanding and letting himself feel. He just wants her to be happy, and he’ll do his best to make her happy but then you throw in the war and the complications and their nobility and it’s a tragic romantic mess.

I adore how you made the connection between this scene and the one in the forest. this was him asking, and her walking away, and that was Hermione asking, and Harry remaning silent. they know they can’t happen, but they need the other to know, for it to be said, for what they have, feel, to be acknowledged.

i really really wish there was a moment like this in the books, where Harry stopped being such a emotional retard, and finally realise what this girl meant to him, to finally see her, and the enormity of what she’d done for him.

Same here! The movies gave me so much more resolution and put to … images what I read. The gut-wrenching part is that they both felt it but it was such atrocious timing and they couldn’t. They both asked each other and at that time the other couldn’t answer. And it’s this really unique take on it because it’s almost as if she explicitly understands what he’s asking her and she wants to but doesn’t realize how badly, or how much, or the depth of her feelings until she’s spent everyday and nearly watched him die in front of her eyes. And the effing timing, because Ron’s words are still replaying over her head and that betrayal and then his wand and he can’t and then Ron and he just can’t in that moment. so much fic ideas out of this.

oh she understood, it was evident. and maybe it was being in the forest full of memories, or seeing Harry almost die, or just remorse over not accepting his silent proposition when they danced. but when she asked, she did so unequivocally, in very clear words. no room for doubt, or ambiguity. she’d thought about it, she wanted it, she needed him to know. maybe she was hoping that it’d be harder for him to disregard, ignore, if she put it so explicitly? and yet he did. why oh why Harrry James Potter? D:

also, write. WRITE.

He should have kissed her. Just give it a shot for real. He should have!

Is it weird that i love the idea of them not being completely happy? yeah,it would have been totally awesome if they had ended up together but i do LOVE that these kids don’t know how to be happy,they are not used to it, they make sacrifices for everybody they love and even for people they’ve never met, that’s what makes them THEM. Also that’s what i LOVE about this ship,that their love is as complicated as they are,that is not quite palpable but it’s undeniably there.

This, exactly. they fit, they know it, they want it, but they can’t make it work, they don’t even know where to begin. this thing, between them, is so big, staggering, that they dont know how to deal with it. they dare not mess around with it, so they let things be unsaid, they let moments like these pass them by. cuz they cant take that one last step. they won’t. it’s like they’re incapable of letting themselves be happy. and it fits too, inevitable. the war should’ve done that to them. side-eyeing you rn, JKR.

I think that it was @michelinamarie who said that even though this scene isn’t in the book, it feels like the summation of who they (or additionally, for me, what they could have been) in canon. I feel like there’s always been a distance between Harry and Hermione. It’s a distance that really comes from who they are as people. They are both broken in their own individual ways, they approach the world in different manners, and they both have different sets of personal barriers that they face. They are united in their friendship but do not often see eye-to-eye. What brings them together is their mere understanding of one another. I feel like they come from similar backgrounds, growing up friendless and at the age of 11, finding themselves in a new and exciting world that soon becomes one of peril. But they were of course, given friendship, which makes the world a better one than the one they left. That in this notion, they understand the value of what they have. They will each always save the other, always look out for the other, always defend the other, always read the other without the need for verbal communication. It’s based on a developed instinct, as paradoxical as that may seem. This is very much how JKR established their relationship in the book, and it’s a great set-up for the possibility of more because their relationship is transcendent. I feel like Hermione is the character closest to Lily in the books. Both were muggleborn witches of extraordinary skill and heart, sacrificial and always willing to see the good in someone. The Harry/Hermione relationship could have been Harry’s reclamation of that kind of love in his own lifetime. In his own emotional idiocy, I feel like there could have been a moment when Harry ~woke up~ to the possibility of a relationship with Hermione. They had the most perfect foundation, for the best one is always one whose solid core lies in companionship and utter trust of the other. I feel that Harry and Hermione are very much opposites in the way that Ron and Hermione are, they are just more compatible in a sense because they actually do supply eachother with what the other needs. As the Hand and the Head, she gave him the knowledge and reason to fight the cause, and he gave her the ability to prove just how much of a Gryffindor she really is, why she isn’t a Ravenclaw and why her bravery counts for more than her brain. They complete each other. And in this dance, we feel the painstaking reality of the war, but also the essential truth that they are children just engaged in a dance. They communicate wordlessly, and are also separate in that same transcendent way. Come together and fall away, over and over in an endless cycle, but always orbiting each other as long as the need is there.


...please tell me someone is writing this fic.
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