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27 December 2010 @ 11:57 am
because not only is it hot, it's complicated  
Okay, cos I am currently on limited internetty usage (gotta love these mobile devices) I won't be able to do much more than lurk and do texty posts. So, rec me some Draco/Ginny fic people. I would also not be opposed to some Ron/Luna.
madderbradmadderbrad on December 27th, 2010 11:16 pm (UTC)
Okay. I've never read a Draco/Ginny story in my life, but I do believe the CLASSIC D/G story, the one that kicked it all off, the epic to which all other D/G fics aspire, is "Rising from the Ashes" by Arabella and Jedi Boadicea. Arabella in particular is an excellent author who was one of the founders of 'The Sugar Quill', one of the first HP fanfic sites. She's the author of some of the best 'golden age' HP fanfics that were written before or after GoF (all OBHWF stuff, sadly, but still great; she's a queen of romantic angst).

Arabella and Jedi Boadicea first wrote "The More is my Unrest", which is on the Sugar Quill. It's a sort of Prequel to the novel-length "Rising from the Ashes". The latter, since it isn't consistent with the canon relationships, isn't on The Sugar Quill - which is a canon nazi OBHWF-restricted site - but you can find it, the story, the FAQ, art, in a Yahoo group dedicated to the work, here.

I've never read 'Rising from the Ashes' but I do want to, one day, because it is heralded as a D/G classic. I don't know how it would hold up with someone whose impression of Draco comes from the last few HP books though.

Enjoy! (Tell me what you think of it?)
Sunny: HP closersunny_serenity on December 29th, 2010 11:26 am (UTC)
Thank you so much! I have a feeling this will probably end up being a deep and arduous slog through a great many archives so this is great to start off nearer its origins. TMIMU was good and I enjoyed the Draco narrative. However, is RftA a completed work or is this gonna end up being like that uberly awesome yet woefully abandoned post-OotP H/Hr fic whose title I can't remember right now?
madderbradmadderbrad on December 29th, 2010 11:36 am (UTC)
RftA is complete, I believe. Although I don't know if Draco ends up happily ever after with Ginny or not. I haven't read it or TMIMU; I gather the latter ends with them apart, which is why the story is on the Sugar Quill.

Since RftA is NOT on the Sugar Quill it's possible that Draco ends up with Ginny. That's non-canon and the Sugar Quill custodians would't have allowed it to be hosted there. They were funny/sad like that. :-)

I do think it's finished; three 'books' full of chapters, etc. On the other hand ... here's the FAQ on that Yahoo group:

    Q. Why Are We Here?

    A. We Don't Know

    We are adamantly NOT D/G shippers. It would nauseate us to find it in canon, as it has nauseated us to find it in fanfic. We are H/G shippers who could not stop writing this story, partly because the lure of the forbidden is strong and partly because we find Draco endlessly entertaining. The title "Rising from Ashes" pertains mostly to the adult part of the story, which we may never get around to finishing or posting (and which is an AU of the fanfic "After the End" by Zsenya and Arabella. You may recognize some references to that story in this one, but it is not necessary to read AtE in order to read RfA.) In case we should get there, this list is for adults only. But there is no in-Hogwarts smut. Don't expect coitus in the dorm rooms, but the "Schooldays" volumes of this story are rated R for innuendo and violence. Warning: if you're a happy fluffy D/G shipper, then go now in peace. We don't understand you, and you won't understand us. This is a pairing that cannot end well for either character. We have done our best to keep the characters true to their canon representations while forcing them through situations that are highly unlikely, and chances are very high that we will leave off the story at a horrible miserable place and never resolve it. So. Enjoy.

On the Yahoo group there are three 'books' and they seem finished, but the third book is entitled 'Hogwarts sixth year', so that seems to be as far as they've gone.

You might have to do a bit of a search or ask around to see if you want to read it.

is this gonna end up being like that uberly awesome yet woefully abandoned post-OotP H/Hr fic whose title I can't remember right now?

Sadly there are a few like that; 'Years of Rebellion' is the most epic. "Acceptance of Fate" is another very thick novel that only got half done. :-(