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I never understood text posts on tumblr until the ship war started flaring up again. THIS is an interesting POV. People can be so awesome sometimes...

Now that I've finished re-watching GoF for the millionth time (holy cow these are some long credits), I wanna re-read Vox Corporis. What is this disease. But oh, the dreaded re-watch of OotP, which technically I already watched earlier this week out of order on purpose just so there wasn't a bad taste in my mouth. Yet, it amuses me that with all some of the really important bits that stood out to me (Hermione getting cut down in the ministry, Harry's freaking out about it, Hermione calling Harry out on being douchey, McG being a BAMFY HBIC and other awesomely awesome H/Hr & The DA stuff) we still get a fair decent amount of unintentional shippy moments. NONE OF THE OTHERS HAD NOTICED A THING. POTTEEEEEEER!!!

I'll resume the 30 Day Potter meme when I'm done house sitting in a computerless home. What is this.

This post brought to you by the technological advancement known as Blackberry. ;)
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