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kitty, an update

Maybe yesterday was a really bad day for me cos we got the kitty back but she's not doing so well. She was drooling, sneezing, coughing and really lethargic. There was a fiasco with taking her back to get checked at the Humane Society. They dumped some anti-biotics on her without even CHECKING HER OUT (insert rant here). We took her to a vet. Vet said those drugs are okay for her because she has an upper-respiratory cold and a fever. She did a blood panel on her. No infections, diseases or abnormalities. It's just a cold probably from exposure to other animals at the Humane Society (insert second rant here). The drooling could be caused by chemicals in the air, she could have licked something or it could be caused by severe pain and/or nausea. It's probably from her surgery. The fever is being combated by a sub-cutaneous injection of fluid that disperses through the body over time to cool her down gradually. The doc rinsed her mouth out thoroughly and she's been okay... we have to monitor this so we moved her into the house from the garage and she seems to be doing better. She's finally eating again. She's on this critical care food that we have to warm up so she will eat. Something about the smell activating her hunger response because she's all congested. Makes sense. She hates her kennel but I think she hated being alone more. She's complaining, so I think she's getting better.

So you can see now why I had a post full 'o caps yesterday. STRESS. Oi. I took the next few days off.
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