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now would be a good time to own a pensieve

Ahahahahahahahaha! Oh, gods... *facepalm* I am/have been redoing some of my tags cos I realised I was having a hard time finding shit because I, am a dope. I got to the Potter tags and holy crap my Potter!love has kind of always been this intense and my opinions have kind of always been as they are now that they were from the start. Also, why do I feel like I'm missing something... forgetting to do something... I hope it's not important.

Look at this pretty. Your H/Hr hearts will thank you.

30 Days of Harry Potter

Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
Day 5
Day 6
Day 7
Day 8
Day 9
Day 10
Day 11
Day 12
Day 13
Day 14
Day 15

16. How have you participated in the fandom over the years?
Lurking mostly... I'm not particularly good at anything but appreciating, being a cheerleader and reccing... hey, man:

...and thaaaaaaaaaaaaat's pretty much it.

17. Your favorite celebs from the movies or fandom
18. If you could change one thing about canon, what would it be?
19. A favorite fanart
20. A favorite quote
21. How has the HP fandom connected you to other fandoms, interests, or people?
22. Your favorite villain
23. Share some HP icons
24. Rant about Steve Kloves something
25. Song that reminds you of HP
26. What aspect of the books has been best translated to film?
27. What aspect of the books has been most poorly translated to film?
28. Hogwarts subject you would most like to take
29. Favorite location
30. Whatever tickles your fancy
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