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we carry our armies
by fated_addiction
YES, BECAUSE I AM SO FUCKING IN LOVE WITH THIS SERIES, ANOTHER STORY FROM THE POST-WAR HERMIONE AWESOMENESS. part one & part two This one has more brilliant R/Hr-friendship and it is omgsoawesome and is just right. Plus, all the wonderful subtleties and nuances that make H/Hr-shipship. It is the first inhale after drowning. It is that broken joy. It is that beautifully shattered piece of crystal that still prisms the light. *dreamy happy sigh* THIS. SERIES. GUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUYS!!! ASKDFJ!#@$!#%^!%!!!1!!11!!

30 Days of Harry Potter

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Day 2
Day 3
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15. Whatever tickles your fancy
Music tickles my fancy. Always. Also, do you know how hard it was to make this more diverse than MUMFORD AND SONS?! VERY. It's taken weeks because this is the only time in the history of ship have I ever wanted to wave my wand and speak the spell: Adulterate.

This is very much so Post-War Kids struggling to find their normal after they've come through the other side. So maybe they have a moment to realise they've survived and share it. Yet because they are who they are, maybe they do get married to other people and maybe they do become OBHWF but there's always that time when they aren't. There's always that time between the two who've become so tangled in the everything before and the nothing after that it murks up the lines of love, family, intimacy and life. How can they hold this thing? Where do they put it? When did it become more than 'us'? Why is it always the weight of the world on their shoulders? Who's bears the fault? What if, after all that is and never was they finally take a leap and say, 'Fuck it. I love you.'

~ * ~

01. Wake Up; Arcade Fire

If the children don't grow up
Our bodies get bigger but our hearts get torn up
We're just a million little gods causing rainstorms
Turning every good thing to rust

~ * ~

02. Blue Blood; Foals

You've got the blood on your hands, I think it's my own
We can go down onto the streets and follow the shores
Of all the people, we could be two
Then I bite my nails to the clip, run back home

~ * ~

03. Broke Horse; Freelance Whales

Bundle up and come with me now
Down the road to the burnt down barn
We could make a blanket of coats
And breathe our souls into the neighbours front lawn
But oh god that look in your eye

~ * ~

04. Low Man; Alberta Cross

How can I be wrong, if the decision's already made
Woman I feel I feel a million miles away
Woman I've been trying, I've been trying all day
How can I be wrong, oh I feel a million miles away

~ * ~

05. School Night; Ani DiFranco

But then what kind of scale compares the weight of two beauties
The gravity of duties or the ground speed of joy?
Tell me what kind of gauge can quantify elation?
What kind of equation could I possibly employ?

~ * ~

06. White Blank Page; Mumford and Sons

Can you lie next to her and give her your heart, your heart
As well as your body
And can you lie next to her and confess your love, your love
As well as your folly
And can you kneel before the king and say I'm clean
I'm clean

~ * ~

~ * ~

07. Spanish Sahara; Foals

Now the waves, they drag you down
Carry you to broken ground
Though I'll find you in the sand
Wipe you clean with dirty hands
So god damn this boiling space it's the Spanish sahara
The place that you'd wanna leave the horror

~ * ~

~ * ~

08. Grace; Kate Havnevik

I feel the cold loneliness unfold
Like from another world
Come what may I won’t fade away
But I know I might change

~ * ~

09. Starlings; Elbow

So yes I guess I'm asking you
To back a horse that's good for glue
And nothing else
But find a man that's truer than
Find a man that needs you more than I

~ * ~

~ * ~

.zip & art

16. How have you participated in the fandom over the years?
17. Your favorite celebs from the movies or fandom
18. If you could change one thing about canon, what would it be?
19. A favorite fanart
20. A favorite quote
21. How has the HP fandom connected you to other fandoms, interests, or people?
22. Your favorite villain
23. Share some HP icons
24. Rant about Steve Kloves something
25. Song that reminds you of HP
26. What aspect of the books has been best translated to film?
27. What aspect of the books has been most poorly translated to film?
28. Hogwarts subject you would most like to take
29. Favorite location
30. Whatever tickles your fancy
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