Sunny (sunny_serenity) wrote,

it all fell so fast and it all fell so far

1) Something is wrong with the kitty! She's drooling and is very... not well. A complete 180 from her disposition yesterday when we brought her home. The Parentals are taking care of it. *WORRIED* *ANXIOUS* *NERVOUS* And all I can do is wait... *bites nails*

2) poppypickle found that Damien Rice/Harry/Hermione fic that's CHOCK FULL 'O ANGSTCAKES. My only reaction is: Um, wow. And, YOU SHOULD READ EEEEEEET.
with no room for a pardon
by aragons

Tags: me and mah shadow, potter!verse, potter!verse: kiiiiiiiiiids, ready mcreaderson: fanfic, ready mcreaderson: potter!verse

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