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Oh, my Potter!

This re-watch is killing me. I wanna pinch Dan Rad's wee lil cheeks and fucking adopt him. I wanna tell Hermione to chillax and it gets better. I wanna tell Ron to stop being such a boy and be nicer. I wanna fly on a broom. I wanna play Quidditch with Angelina and the Weasley's. Oh, and did you know McG was a BAMFY Quidditch player? PLAYA PLAAAAAAAY! I FUCKING LOVE HER! I wanna snog Oliver Wood silly. I wanna take potions from Snape just to prove him wrong. I wanna eat a feast in the Great Hall. I wanna slap Draco on the back of his privileged head. I wanna help Neville find his toad. I wanna see Seamus accidentally blow shit up. I wanna trace my bloodline of wizardy in the Hogwarts library. I wanna hang out in Hagrid's hut and weedle information out of him. I wanna have a conversation with a Centaur. I wanna have a spot of tea with Dumledore.

Tags: cinematic ventures, potter!verse, potter!verse: kiiiiiiiiiids

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