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Yes, I rec'd this yesterday/earlier this morning but you guys have to read it. It is Post-War Hermione (!!!!!11!!!1) and it is angst and pain and WHAT HAVE WE BECOME. And Harry is there. JUST. THERE. And it means nothing but probably everything at once. YOU GUYS!! HAAAAAAAAAAAVE TO READ IT. COS IT'S ABOUT STUFF LIKE THIS:

and in the winter i lost my hands
by fated_addiction

An excerpt of Emma talking about HBC (Helena Bonham Carter, not to be confused with HBIC, although, she is that too) because I imagine on set there seems to be a passing of the torch of sorts.

These kids had 10 years to hone their craft with the best in the business and it seems like the older cast was/were/are very protective of the younger ones and more than willing to help, collaborate and teach.


The exerpt:
'It was very weirdly affecting to do that scene. It was quite horrible. Helena said to me afterward, ‘I really didn’t enjoy doing that. I really didn’t.’ And usually she really gets into that quiet of stuff but I think she felt really uncomfortable. The mudblood idea actually wasn’t written in the script - it was something Helena and I came up with. Because I was like, ‘Well, if she’s just kind of doing a spell on me then it - I mean obviously I can make it look painful, but it’d be powerful to have something the audience could physically see.’ So we came up with ‘mudblood’. We sat there on set designing what Bellatrix’s handwriting would look like for 40 minutes. And we thought that’s what she would write like. So we had a lot of fun with it.'

Dumbledore v1.0 approves, I'm sure.

And now, on to some FUN stuff, cos yes, I am a dorky lil nougat on the inside.

Interviewer: 'Were you thinking, “I really got to turn this on. This has to make him crazy?”'
Emma: 'Yeah, exactly. Yeah, yeah, yeah. That’s exactly what I was thinking. It had to be nasty, really nasty. The dialogue, not the kiss.'

'Just want to differentiate.'

Dan, on dancing and coolness:
'When the Nick Cave song came on, I said to my friend, ‘That. Is the coolest Harry Potter has ever been.’ And then my friend said ‘Yeah, but that’s not.’ When I started dancing in the scene. It was something David made up on the spot pretty much, and Emma’s quite a good dancer, so I had to sort of muddle through. But Harry shouldn’t be a good dancer. He should be kind of crap, which he was. But next year on Broadway I hope to see a large improvement in that.'

Emma, on dancing with Dan:
'As much as I love Dan, he’s not a naturally gifted dancer. I think he knows. But it was perfect for the scene. It was meant to look silly and spontaneous. I love to dance.'

Did you know there was dancing?

Because there was dancing in this movie.


There should be dancing in every Harry Potter movie.

Because dancing is brilliant.

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