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GUYS! NOOOOOOOOOOO! My comp crashed (it couldn't take all the H/Hr and flailed) and I LOST MY MOST BELOVED HARRY/HERMIONE ICON! *whimper* I need help finding it and I hope someone know what I'm talking about and has it saved also.

It's from that moment in GoF when they're at the World Cup and Lucius stops Harry from walking away by nailing the top of his cane to Harry's foot and Harry looks down. He and Hermione arethisclose and there's a sepia-ish tone to it with a circular blur about them. IT IS MY MOST FAVOURITEST UNINTENDED MOMENT CAPTURED because I first saw that icon before even viewing the movie and it freaking made me flail when I found out IT. WASN'T. A. MANIP.

...and now that I've word vomited all over you all, cansomebodyhelp?

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