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House Lannister: No Middle Ground Fanmix

*original artwork by Ted Nasmith

This is another one of those Forever Sitting On My HD (F+TM debuted Lungs that July and it's songs have since been used in EVERY FANMIX EVER). Lannister's project. A lot. To say they are 'fucked up' would be a severe understatement, completely psychotic, may be more apropos. That being said, I can't help but love their convoluted dysfunction and all the angst it generates individually and collectively. Often, I have the feeling that not only do they hide behind their pride and ego, they crumble under its legacy. This mix is partially pre-series and partially a take on their intertwined messed-up-ness during A Song of Ice and Fire. ETA: I should also mention I made this shortly after finishing A Clash of Kings and starting on A Storm of Swords so most of these theories/assumptions were completely incorrect.

My Family's Role in the World Revolution; Beirut
{House Lannister}


~ * ~

Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up); Florence + the Machine
{Cersei & Jamie; Cersei & Tywin}

How quickly the glamour fades
I start spinning slipping out of time

Tywin probably saw to it that Jamie was sent to the King's Guard so early to stop the incestuous relationship his children were carrying on. Apparently this strategy had the opposite of its desired effect. Yes, I know the twins were fifteen when that happened, but come on! This is The Lannister's we're talking about.

~ * ~

Tyrants; Black Mountain
{Jamie & Aerys}

The battles of this fashioned war
Ain't what we've been fighting for

Perhaps some of the motivation, beyond the obvious, for Jamie killing Aerys.

~ * ~

Run Me Down; The Black Keys

Run me down in the city run me down on the farm
Run me with your eyes and your heady charm

Ah yes, the resilient dwarf and his resilient mind.

~ * ~

Two Weeks; Grizzly Bear

Think of all the ways momentary phase
Just like yesterday I told you I would stay

Jamie was always more in love with Cersei than she was with him.

~ * ~

Scarecrow; The Veils
{Joffery & Sandor}

Death cold pecked bare red collar bled white
No black heart there no bark and no bite

~ * ~

Master of None; Beach House

We run our fingers together
You know it's easy the devil's plan
On your own
You can not call me your all

~ * ~

Curs in the Weeds; Horse Feathers

Father of three won't you believe that the ones in between
The ones that are blamed of fickle faith
Cynics that seethe
How their children are cursed cursed to believe

~ * ~

Service Bell; Grizzly Bear & Feist

I keep a service bell by my bed for you
Let the others do what they do
I will hold on

~ * ~

Stay Free; Black Mountain
{Tyrion & House Lannister}

We’re fire in the sky
Oh the death at your door

~ * ~

.zip & artwork
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