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Fandom V Fandom

I think I've mentioned before the irritation that comes from one medium of entertainment being translated into another. This is not that post.

I held out on watching Human Target because I can be a total snob when it comes to comics. Most times they do it wrong. IE: Spawn, The Hulk, Fantastic Four, Jonah Hex, Heroes, whilst not being adapted from comic did suffer the trappings of the comic doldrums of a reset button. Human Target was a story of one man's redemption through suffering. They made it into a teevee show. I stayed away. I heard applause and praise for Chi McBride, Mark Valley and Rorschach Jackie Earle Haley as individuals and a team. I still stayed away despite being teased with The Trishness. It made it to its second season. I did not know this. I was bored tonight and biding my time for Abusive Boyfriend Fandom and went channel surfing. INDIRA VARMA was on it so I stopped to see what the what was going on and O.M.G. I actually liked it and totally started shipping Chance and Indira's character! Ilsa? Isla?

Apparently they're changing the formula of the show from a boys club by adding the ladies and I am totally down with that! They added new thief girl and honestly it really smacks of some Leverage vibes but if Indira is sticking around (dudes, I totally watched an ep of Bones after years of NOT watching it because of her, I watched Luther because she played his wife and she really wasn't in it all that much) so am I. Also there's a little bit of a Sparky vibe going on between Ilsa/Isla/INDIRA and Chance. I must look more into this show. I hope she's sticking around cos that little dance they did was unintentionally HOT but there was non-committing/committing of her being their boss. In short, I may have a new show.

ETA: DUDES SHE'S TOTALLY A REGULAR!!! *iz giddy with fangirl GLEE* I just hope she's not like, regulated to backgroundiness because she won't be out in the field with the team, or whatever. But the fact remains, INDIRA WILL BE ON MY SCREEN EVERY WEEK!

ETA 2: Oh, and it's Ilsa.
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