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Top Two Things Meme

Comment, and I will tell you a random topic. Pick your top two things in that topic, and post them to your own lj.

world_of_blade gave me : Top Two Kara/Leoben moments. (This can be from Fic or from the TV show) ONLY TWO?! Holy frak this was hard to answer.

1) Maelstrom. Two words: Paint. Sex. More words: It's a scenario completely from Kara's side! She totally loves him which is wicked sick and twisted but she knows he's the only one who actually <i>gets</i> her because, well, I really don't know <i>why</i> but like most things the unexplainable is often the most significant:
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2) This is an excerpt from a most insightful resolution to the entire Kara/Leoben dynamic (that we were so thusly denied by RDM & Co. BARROWMAN!) by ariafic. Really, you should read the whole thing because Kara Thrace and Her Special Destiny, a bad name for a cover band indeed, but an excellent summarisation of one woman's journey guided by a crazy machine.

Patterns in the Blood

She sits on a rise and watches the swelling clap of pink birds rising from the lake. The air is sweet and heavy; not like the dry cold of New Caprica, not like the car-grit of Delphi, not like the dull recirculation of oxygen in space. Kara wraps her arms around her legs, chin rested on her knees, and breathes deep of this air that is like a thousand dreams and not for her waking.

A movement at her side, the flash of a patterned shirt. Kara turns her head a little to meet Leoben's eyes. There is a look in his face she's never seen before; not the machine-calm, not patient amusement, not even fear. But she knows he's the Leoben that knows her.

Kara nods briefly.

Leoben grins and that look Kara recognizes, the honest flash of happiness that used to scare the frak out of her, not that Leoben should be happy but that Kara Thrace should be the cause. It doesn't scare her now. Leoben sits down next to her, a graceful fold, a little too close. Kara feels a tight smile pull at her face, and leans against him, the shoulder-bump of camaraderie.

"What did you think?" she asks.

Leoben for a moment holds very still. Maybe he's surprised she's tangible. Maybe he thinks she'll run.

"About what?" he returns, quiet, quiet, not with carefulness but with the soft reverence used inside a temple.

"About me," Kara says. She shifts, stretching her legs out, leaning back on her arms, leaning against him. "Before I turned up dead. You thought something about my destiny."

Leoben makes a little noise of acknowledgment. He watches the birds. Kara squints at the sun and waits.

"This," he says, after a time. "I looked and I saw life. I saw constellations, I saw ... things beyond myself." He leans back on her now, a warm pressure against her side, spiky hair tickling her cheek. "I saw you and I knew that one day we would sit above this lake together and ..." He laughs, the soft laugh half breath that used to make her want to kill him. "One day we'd sit in peace. Change the patterns."

"Have we?" Kara asks.

He shrugs, jolting her a little. "Is this peace?"

She closes her eyes. "Yes."

She can feel Leoben nod. Some animal yet unnamed lows in the distance. She opens her eyes to watch the birds come circling back, clattering down on the lake and throwing out rainbows. "Kara," Leoben says, his voice caressing over the syllables, and for the first time Kara understands why she hated it when he said her name. He sounded like Lee. He sounds like Lee now, the burgeoning apology behind the word, and she's heard enough of Lee's apologies to last her a lifetime. Maybe even two. Lee apologized for anger, for faithfulness, for abandonment, for intangible things, and Leoben is going to ask forgiveness for -- what? Keeping her? Holding her? Telling her the truth? Letting her go?

"Don't," Kara says.

So he stays silent awhile. Kara watches the birds forming random patterns of wing and water on the surface of the lake. It doesn't have to mean anything.

"What will you do now?" Leoben asks.

Kara tilts her head in his direction. She doesn't quite go cross-eyed looking at his face so close. He needs a shave. He needs a whole new wardrobe but some things are old news. "What, no more insights?" she asks.

"No more insights," he agrees, and reaches over to tuck her hair behind her ear. There is no motivation to the gesture besides all the normal ones Kara's known about for years. She doesn't know why that should be so surprising, but it is, surprising enough she wants to laugh, and instead ducks her head against his shoulder until she's mastered herself.

"Thank you," she says, and looks up. "You frakked-up bunch of circuits. Thank you."

"Any time," Leoben murmurs, giving her another of those shatteringly honest grins. He doesn't stop her when she gets to her feet, but merely leans back on his elbows and squints up at her. "Where are you going?" he asks, the same question as before, but it sounds rhetorical now, a check to make sure Kara understands herself. She does.

"Going to say my goodbyes," she says.

"I'll miss you," he tells her, one of those artless statements of fact he's so fond of.

"Yeah," she says, and swallows. "I'll, uh."

"Go," he says gently. "God is waiting."

And maybe he's a little ahead of himself, because she's got others waiting first: Helo and Athena, Laura Roslin, the Old Man, and her Lee; but for the first time Kara hears Leoben's words and knows them, and goes without regret.

...I'm gonna go in the corner and play my violin and... MATH!
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