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Polarize Viewscreen

Me: Alright, after a week of awesome it is time to commence with the viewing. *pulls out Trek* *puts it in player* And yes I am watching it here in the den cos this screen is bigger.

The Mother: *eyeroll* *look of you have to be shitting me*

Me: What, pray tell, is so captivating tonight that you were planning to watch at this moment? Joy Behar is the culmination of the entire week of which you've seen every ep of this week and we're taping your Jimmy Smitts show on the other teevee. Therefore I get to commandeer this set. *pushes play*

The Mother: *sits silently*

Me: *sits & watches in glee* This movie is so damn awesome I can't believe I have to wait more than a year for another. We must needs a new and awesomer Trek.

*10 minutes into the movie*

The Mother: Ou, Sylar!

Me: Uh huh.

*Kirk's first fight*

Me: Kirk doesn't win any fight in this movie. He gets the shit beat out of him by everybody: Cupcake, Spock,
random stunt Romulan on the drill, Nero...

*Kirk's second & third & fourth fight*

Me: Maybe he wins the one with Clifton Collins Jr. but he kinda cheats with stealing his gun, because normally he gets his ass handed to him on a regular basis. Also, he doesn't get The Girl so he kinda loses spectacularly in this movie, but I'm okay with that.

The Mother: He'll get her in the next one ..but at least he gives it all with all he's got. He gives it the gusto and when he wins, he wins big and when it counts the most. You can lose every battle and still be victorious at the end of the war.

Me: ...and you wanted to watch teevee.

The Mother: *sticks out her tongue*

Me: I love you too.
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